UAF Student Business Processes

Fairbanks & Community Campus Student-Centered Workshop(s)

Project Background

A workshop was held in November 2012 with a focus on student registration and payment processes at the Fairbanks Campus and at community campuses (rural Alaska).

This is the first time many Fairbanks and rural located student advisors, administrators, and technicians had the chance to meet each other, and collaborate to make suggestions for improving student workflow processes.

Based on feedback from the session, participants found it useful to have an opportunity for this interaction and may be looking to find more ways to keep the lines of communication open in the future. As part of the discussion, participants identified some processes that currently work very well as compared to areas that may be candidates for improvement.

A guidance document from Fairbanks & CRCD leadership is currently in progress and a workshop is planned for summer 2013 in order to identify some key areas for specific improvement.

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