Procurement Processes

SUPER: Streamlined, User-friendly Procurement & Efficient Requisitions

Project Background

The SUPER team will be working to reduce or eliminate rubs identified during the early stages of the process improvement effort.  Some of the identified problems include:

  • Insufficient information/documentation; lack of communication
  • Blanket PO’s not tied to volume discounts
  • Lack of accountability/consistency/transparency in the process
  • Lack of training/clarity of process
  • Experts brought to the table late in the process
  • Too many reviews/approvals, many redundant steps
  • Overall process not user-friendly 

SUPER Purpose

To create a streamlined procurement process that is user-friendly, transparent and efficient for all stakeholders.  The process is being evaluated from the time a request to buy something is made within a department, to the time a Purchase Order (PO) is issued at the UAF Office of Procurement & Contract Services. 

SUPER is evaluating the various methods available for procurement, in addition to reviewing training plans, in order to make recommendaitons for improvement. 


SUPER Project Status


  • Project kickoff, process mapped, rubs and time line identified
  • Communicate project to stakeholders, gather feedback/forms/templates/tools/training input from departments/customers, update websites, research Banner uses and technology
  • Compile and analyze feedback, create improved standardized templates/forms, create/update training materials and program, draft business case with recommendations

In process:

  • Work with steering committee to adopt business case, implement solutions, communicate to stakeholders

Business Case (Findings and Recommendations):

SUPER Executive Business Case (six pages)

SUPER Full Business Case with Appendix (sixteen pages)


SUPER Team Members

  • Kara Axx, Facilities Services
  • Roberta Hamilton, School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences
  • Kari Haschke, Geophysical Institute
  • Denise Moe, Procurement & Contract Services
  • Terry Rahlfs, Procurement & Contract Services                        
  • Kristin Elieff, Office of Information Technology                         
  • Scott Snedden, Procurement & Contract Services
  • Faye Gallant, PIT Crew
  • Margo Griffith, PIT Crew
  • Julie Queen, PIT Crew

If you have questions, please contact SUPER at


*Time Tracking and Customer Satisfaction Survey Results*

Current UA Procurement Manual for Review and Comment

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