Marketing Intake & Workflow Processes

MACIT: Marketing and Communications Improvement Team

Project Background

The Marketing and Communications Improvement Team (MACIT) is working to create a streamlined intake and management process through education and collaboration, permitting Marketing and Communications to further the mission of UAF.

MACIT identified several areas to improve as part of the intake and management process.  These areas include:

  • Provide clarity on who to ask/how to make an original request
  • Establish clarity regarding services provided
  • Improve timely response
  • Provide expert and thorough initial consultation and evaluation
  • Develop a standardized intake process
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve communication and/or coordination

MACIT Purpose

The intended outcomes of this improvement effort include a more transparent intake and output process and more efficient and effective use of resources within the Marketing & Communications department.  Improving customer service and support is an intended outcome. 

MACIT Team Members

  • Carla Browning, Marketing and Communications
  • Sharon Burke, Marketing and Communications
  • Kim Davis, Marketing and Communications
  • Ross Imbler, Development
  • Mary Kreta, Admissions and Registrar
  • Amber Watts, Marketing and Communications
  • Julie Queen, PIT Crew
  • Dave Read, PIT Crew
  • Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard, PIT Crew

If you have any questions, please contact MACIT at

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