Grant Award Set Up

GPS: Grant Process Solutions

Project Background

The team is working to reduce if not eliminate the impact of these problems identified in the early stages of the process improvement effort:

  • Inadequate documentation, forms not intuitive
  • Appropriate authority to approve
  • Lack of standardized training and infrequency of training
  • Pre-Award and Post-Award disconnect
  • Insufficient time to complete review
  • Difficult to contact PI or agency
  • Lack of timely response, follow-up and transparency
  • High potential for error/unclear resources
  • Redundancy/duplication of work
  • Difficulty in technology tools, inability to fix errors
  • Timely response from State of Alaska Office of Management & Budget
  • Disconnect between all parties, lack of communication

GPS Purpose

To streamline the grant award setup process to minimize the time between when UAF receives notification of an award and when the PI can start spending money on the project. The goal is to reduce this time to five working days.

GPS Project Status

In 2012, GPS gathered data regarding the current internal processes used by each of the UAF departments.  The team integrated this information into a set of best practices and a business case with recommendations for improvement. 

The team has presented recommendations (via a business case) to the executive level steering committee.  Several recommendations have been accepted including the expansion of InfoEd, an online proposal and award management software package, exploration of higher signature thresholds on certain awards (to eliminate delays in set-up), and a training plan is in development for implementation of several solutions.

GPS Recommendations

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GPS Team Members

  • Wanda Bowen, Office of Grants & Contracts Administration
  • Deby Chapman, Center for Research Services
  • Nickole Conley, College of Engineering & Mines/Institute of Northern Engineering
  • Kim Cox, International Arctic Research Center
  • Janet Daley, Geophysical Institute
  • Angela Gies, School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences
  • Dave Read, PIT Crew
  • Mike Cox, PIT Crew

If you have any questions, please contact GPS at

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