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HIRED: HR Internal Recruitment & Design

Project Background

One of the core activities of any active university is the recruitment of new faculty, staff and students to help accomplish the mission.  UAF is no exception and, as such, many hours are devoted each year to hiring people to meet the needs of our university.  The current recruitment process is known to be overly complex and can often be slow, which hinders department action in a timely manner and can also leave a poor impression on candidates for employment.  UAF is committed to improving workflows in these areas. 

HIRED broke the Recruitment Process into four phases so the team could more effectively work on and see successes that will contribute to the overall process.    

  • Pre-Recruitment (current project)
    This phase covers the process from the time a need for an employee hire is recognized within the department, to when the job posting is made public/applications accepted.   
  • Applicant Screening
    In this phase incoming applications are reviewed, applicants are evaluated and/or interviewed and a final candidate is selected.
  • In-Processing/On-Boarding
    This is the phase where candidates become employees and begin working at UAF.  Initial New Employee Orientation is provided and UA system access is granted.  
  • Post-Recruitment/Performance Management
    In this phase, employees begin a six month probationary period and departments begin employee training and performance management.  

HIRED Purpose

To create a standardized process that provides increased customer satisfaction through an effective, timely, measurable and efficient approach to pre-recruitment.

HIRED Project Status

In 2012, HIRED gathered data regarding the current internal processes used by each of the UAF departments.  The team integrated this information into a set of best practices and a business case with recommendations for improvement. 

The Steering Committee is currently collaborating with UAF HIRED and will build work teams that will explore the feasibility of some of the recommendations for process improvement. 

HIRED Recommendations

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HIRED Team Members

•    Derek Bastille, Office of Management & Budget (OMB)
•    Inna Conner, UAF HR
•    Margo Griffith, IAB/UAF HR
•    Shelly Hall, UAF HR
•    Donna Laiti, Geophysical Institute/UAF HR
•    Libby Eddy, PIT Crew
•    Julie Queen, PIT Crew

If you have any questions, please contact HIRED at UAF-HIRED@alaska.edu.

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