Tuition and Fees

2015-2016 Tuition Rate

WUE students are charged a reduced tuition rate equal to 150 percent of the amount charged to Alaska residents.

Course level       Resident (per credit)      Non-resident (per credit)

050-299                                $183                                        $649

300-499                                $221                                        $687

600-699                               $423                                        $864

500 Level classes are Professional Development and vary in price.

*Non-resident students are charged the resident rate up to 4 credit hours.

Student Fees

Click on the student fees below for detailed information about each fee or see the Registration Guide for more information.



Parking Permit

Student Health and Counseling Center

Student Recreation Center

Student Sustainability Fee

Technology Fee

Transportation Fee

UA Network Fee

UA Facilities Fee

Wood Center Student Life Fee

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