You don't have to file an appeal to be heard

You don't have to file an appeal to have someone listen to your concerns. Very often a person who gets a ticket doesn't want to file an appeal, but wants to make their concerns known. You can submit a message to the Parking Services Manager and staff at Parking Services will reply to all e-mail messages received.

Appeals that are not supportable

UAF Parking Services strives to provide fair and consistent enforcement of the parking rules for the overall benefit of our parking customers. Occasionally, a citation is issued in error. When this happens, the Appeal process provides an opportunity to appeal the citation. However, justification for appealing generally does not include:

  1. "I didn't see the sign."
  2. "Others were parking there too."
  3. "I was late."
  4. "I couldn't find another parking space."
  5. "The meter expired before I got back."
  6. "There was no sign that said I couldn't park there."
  7. "I only parked there for a few minutes."
  8. "I've always parked there and you never gave me a ticket before."
  9. "Other cars parked there and they didn't get a ticket."
  10. "I don't agree with the policy or regulation."
  11. Other acknowledgements that the facts of the citation are correct.

Parking Citation Appeal (Verbal Appeals are not accepted)

On-line Appeal is the preferred method. Go to On-line Appeal System.  The Citation Appeal Form can be picked up at Parking Services, Room 116 Eielson Building.

  1. If an individual disputes the facts of a parking citation, they must identify the specific issues in dispute and provide details that support the appeal. The Parking Services Manager or designee will review the citation, the PSA field notes and photos, if any; interview the PSA who issued the citation, and review the disputed facts or extraordinary circumstances set out in the appeal.
  2. If an individual wishes to submit additional documentation, can email the information to and make sure to enter the citation number in the subject  field.
  3. Any Parking Citation Appeal that lacks required information may be denied.
  4. Parking Citation Appeals must be submitted from the website, post marked, or be personally delivered to Parking Services Office within 14 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. Late citation appeals may be rejected as untimely.
  5. The Parking Services Manager, or designee, will issue a written decision not more than 30 calendar days following receipt in Parking Services of the citation appeal
  6. The Parking Services Manager will send his/her decision via e-mail, intra-campus mail or USPS mail to the address provided by the appellant on the appeal form. An e-mail address is preferred.
  7. If the Parking Services Manager fails to electronically respond or postmark a response within the 30-day limit, the appeal is automatically granted and the fine eliminated.

Appeal of Decision (Verbal Appeals are not Accepted)

  1. Appeal of the decision issued by the Parking Services Manager must meet a higher standard. It is not simply a restatement of the original appeal.
  2. An Appeal of Decision is submitted to Parking Services and forwarded to the Parking Appeals Committee for resolution.
  3. A person who appeals the decision of the Parking Services Manager must demonstrate that the Parking Services Manager erred in fact, or in the application of the Parking Rules.
  4. An Appeal of Decision must include all information required on the form including:
    1. Name, address, telephone and e-mail address (if any) of the appellant.
    2. Citation number and date issued.
    3. A statement of the facts the appellant disputes and the alleged errors made by the Parking Services Manager, or designee in his/her application of parking rules, or
    4. Documentation that the Parking Services Manager did not issue the Parking Citation Appeal decision within 30 days after receipt of the original appeal.
    5. An appellant who wishes to submit additional documentation should follow the procedures below for filing a hard copy appeal.
  5. Appeals lacking required information may be rejected.

Parking Appeals Committee

  1. The Parking Appeals Committe (PAC) is a three person ad hoc panel comprised of members of the UAF Parking Advisory Committee. The Parking Advisory Committee is made up of members from: Faculty Senate, Staff Council, ASUAF, West Ridge, Campus Core, UAF Community and Technical College, VCAS and community representatives. An effort will be made to appoint at least one ad hoc PAC member that is from the campus community most representative of the person filing an Appeal of Decision. Otherwise, services on the PAC may be rotated among members.
  2. The PAC confines its consideration to determining whether the Parking Services Manager:
    1. Erred in his/her application of the Parking rules,
    2. Failed to consider relevant circumstances or
    3. Failed to mail the Parking Citation Appeal decision timely.
  3. The decision of the Parking Services Manager can only be overturned if one of the criteria in 2, above is met. The PAC may not simply substitute the judgment of the Parking Services Manager with its own. Service on the PAC is voluntary and members review appeals as time permits. Appeals will be dealt with as expeditiously as possible, but may take up to 60 calendar days to consider. A properly filed appeal that is not decided within 60 calendar days after receipt by Parking Services will be automatically granted. In deciding an Appeal of Decision the PAC may:
    1. Uphold the appeal and issue a notice to the appellant within 14 calendar days.
    2. Partially uphold the appeal, give appropriate instructions to the Parking Services Manager and notify the appellant as provided above.
    3. Deny the appeal and notify the appellant as above. When the appeal is denied payment is due, or formal arrangements with the Business Office must be made, within 14 calendar days after notice to the appellant is mailed.

How to File an Appeal

  1.  Appeal of a Citation:

a.  Complete a Parking Citation Appeal using the On-line Appeal System within 14 calendar days of the citation date.

b.  Print a hard copy from the web or pick up a copy of the form at Parking Services in Room 116 Eielson Building. Hard copies may be faxed to 474-1169, or sealed in an envelope clearly marked "PARKING APPEAL" on the outside and mailed through intra-campus or USPS mail to:

UAF Parking Services
Box 757370
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7370

c.  Or, deliver the envelope to Parking Services,Room 116 Eielson Building on campus during University business hours. NOTE: These are drop-off points only. Staff is not available to discuss the merits of the appeal.

2.    Appeal of a Decision:

a.  If filing an Appeal of Decision with the PAC, the appellant must do so within 14 calendar days from the e-mail or post marked date, (not the date you received it), of the decision issued by the Parking Services Manager, or designee.

b.  Appeals of Decision may be e-mailed (, mailed or hand delivered to the addresses set out in 1, b & c, above.

c.  Timely submittal of the appeal is the responsibility of the appellant. Late appeals may be rejected. The appellant is responsible to follow-up on the status of his/her appeal to avoid delinquent payment, or missing the opportunity to file an Appeal of Decision.

Early Payment Discount

The $10.00 early payment discount remains available during the appeal process. However, if the appeal is denied, payments not made within 14 calendar days of issuance of the decision, or in accordance with an approved payment plan are delinquent and the discount expires. The early pay discount does not apply to tow charges.

Delinquent Payments

Parking Services issues statements as a courtesy to advise delinquent individuals of the status and balance of their accounts. The University's options to collect the balance owed include:

  1. Deny the individual access to registration, transcripts, graduation or other University privileges.
  2. In accordance with University Regulation R05.19.02, if an employee fails to make acceptable arrangements for repayment the University may:
    1. Initiate an involuntary payroll deduction on a per pay period basis, or deduct the amount owed in total from the next paycheck as the case warrants.
    2. Terminate the employee for cause.
  3. Cite, immobilize and/or impound the driver/owner's vehicle if it is found on campus.
  4. Seek payment through third party collection agents if deemed necessary. The University is not responsible for any adverse effect that use of a collection agent may have on the credit standing of the individual.

Final Decision of the University

A decision by the PAC exhausts the administrative appeal process and constitutes the final decision of the University.

On-line Appeal System

Printable Citation Appeal form (.pdf format)

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