Enforcement, Fines & Penalties

Complementary Citation Waiver

As a courtesy to our newly arrived students, faculty and staff, Parking Services extends a complimentary citation waiver should a new student, faculty or staff person receive any Class 1 Violation citation within 30 days of their arrival on our campus. If this happens to you, take the citation to UAF Parking Services in  Room 116 in the Eielson Building and request a complimentary waiver of the citation fee. Once your status is confirmed, the citation will be changed to a warning. No appeal is necessary. Welcome to UAF.


Parking Services is solely responsible for enforcement of parking regulations for UAF. Parking Services enforcement after hours, weekends and during University holidays is supported as set out below:

  1. Hours of Enforcement: Parking regulations are subject to enforcement 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some parking lot restrictions are time specific, i.e. some lots may be restricted during normal business hours, and available for open parking after hours. Informational signs are posted.
  2. Coordination with UAFPD: As a fully commissioned law enforcement agency of the State of Alaska, UAFPD has authority over roadways, traffic laws, fire lanes, right of ways and handicap spaces, etc. However, as a general rule when a UAFPD Officer determines that a vehicle violation requires a Parking Services response, he/she will:
    1. During normal working hours: Contact Parking Services with the vehicle make, color and license number to request citation or relocation of the vehicle as the situation warrants.
    2. After hours, weekends & holidays: Provide UAF Dispatch at 474-7721 with the vehicle make, color and license. Dispatch will then contact the Parking Services towing contractor for a vehicle relocate.
    3. Nothing in the cooperative efforts listed above precludes UAFPD from exercising all law enforcement options within their authority, including impounding a vehicle, as the officer deems appropriate.
  3. Coordination with Residence Life: When vehicles are parked in violation of Residence Life reserved spaces or are otherwise causing a disruption to Residence Life operations, the following procedures apply:
    1. Normal working hours: Individuals with authority delegated by Residence Life will contact Parking Services to request citation and/or relocation of the vehicle.
    2. After hours, weekends & holidays: Individuals with authority delegated by Residence Life will provide UAF Dispatch with the vehicle make, color and license number. Dispatch will then contact the Parking Services towing contractor for a vehicle relocate.

Violations and Fines

Citation Responsibility

Frequently enforcement staff do not see who parked a vehicle illegally. Parking Services will cite the driver of the violating vehicle, if that can be determined in the field. If the driver is not known, then Parking Services will cite the holder of the UAF parking decal or permit. If the vehicle is not registered on campus and the driver cannot be determined then the registered owner of the vehicle will be cited. Parking Services will change the citation to charge the driver if presented with sworn statements from the owner of the decal or vehicle, and the driver, that the person cited was not the actual driver.

Class 1 Violations $25.00:


No time showing on meter.


Exceeding posted maximum time limits, e.g. South Eielson, Plaza, or Security lots regardless of time showing on the meter. Exceeding the time posted limit for Authorized & Official Vehicle spaces, or the posted limit for loading zones.


Idling a vehicle while attended or unattended in a posted "No Idling" zone.


Decal not properly affixed to windshield includes decals that are taped on, lying on the dashboard, or placed in other areas of the vehicle. Decals must be properly affixed to avoid improper transfer to another vehicle.


Parking in a manner that overlaps more than one parking space. Parking outside designated parking lots or areas.


Parking in a posted "NO PARKING" zone.


Parking in loading zones while not actually engaged in loading or unloading, or otherwise exceeding the loading zone time limit.


Parking electrical outlets may be used only for vehicle engine heaters and/or, on low or no emission electric or electric/hybrid vehicles, for charging batteries. The following use of electrical outlets is prohibited:

a.  Vehicle interior electrical heaters.

b.  Using electrical outlets of a space other than the one in which the vehicle is parked. If the outlet is inoperable contact Facilities Services at 474-7000.

c.  Using building outlets for motor vehicles, unless specifically designated for that purpose.

d.  Leaving a vehicle plugged-in during extended periods (more than 48 hours) during non-use of the vehicle. This is a conservation effort. (Also applies to campus residents)

e.  Vehicles misusing electrical outlets may be unplugged without prior notice to the owner/driver.

f.  Use of a vehicle plug in requires a current parking decal or permit.


No major repairs, only minor repairs and service of personal vehicles is permitted in campus parking areas. Wrongful fluid disposal is prohibited. Oil, lubricants, antifreeze, or other motor vehicle fluids must be contained in approved receptacles only. The fluids must be disposed of in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Failure to clean the areas of any residue or spills is prohibited.


A vehicle that appears to be inoperable or abandoned may be ticketed, relocated or, as a last resort, impounded. In the case of resident student vehicles, action as deemed appropriate can be taken if the Director of Residence Life determines that the vehicle is a nuisance, a hazard, or an inconvenience to other student residents. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the student or driver/owner prior to impounding a vehicle. Overhauling vehicles that are not owned or leased to the University on University property is property is prohibited. Only minor emergency repairs such as fixing flat tires (with the use of a standard safety automobile jack) or jump starts are permitted. Also prohibited is the draining of oil, lubricants, antifreeze, or other coolants unless the substance is drained directly into a proper receptacle and disposed of appropriately.
A vehicle is presumed abandoned when:

a.  It has been dismantled or damaged to the point that it is not in an operable condition, or

b.  It does not display a current state registration and license plate, or

c.  It is parked in a parking area for over 30 days without moving or authorization from UAF Parking Services. Faculty, staff, students may park their vehicles on campus for an extended period of time only while on University business. Parking Services must be notified in writing (e-mail to uaf-parkingservices@alaska.edu) prior to parking the vehicle. Notification must include dates the vehicle will be parked, vehicle license plate number, registered owner, driver's name and phone number and location where vehicle will be parked.


Parking on University roads and streets not posted for parking. Any road or street not specifically posted for parking is to be considered a No Parking zone. (See campus map for locations of designated parking areas)

Class 2 Violations $35.00:

NOTE: Removal of an improperly parked vehicle described in violations 201 - 208 is an immediate priority. Violators can expect their vehicles to be commercially towed to an outer lot at the owner's/driver's expense. In addition to the tow cost and citation fine, at the discretion of Parking Services, unauthorized vehicles may also be immobilized or commercially impounded.(See immobilization and impound below)


Failure to move a vehicle or materials when notified directly or as notified by posting for snow removal, lot maintenance, special events or other.


Parking in any posted bus stop.


Parking at the head or foot of any stairway, parking in or partially in a walkway, crosswalk or sidewalk. Parking such that it blocks Refuse Truck access to dumpsters.


Parking in parking lot entrances, exits or turn-around areas.


Blocking a driveway or roadway, double parking, parking facing on-coming traffic, or parking in any manner obstructing or hindering the normal flow of traffic.


These parking lots are provided as a courtesy for University guests and visitors only. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

a.  Parking in a Visitor Only lot or visitor only designated space is strictly prohibited for faculty, staff or students between 8 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except University holidays.


Parking in any location in violation of the posted restriction such as Authorized & Official spaces,Facilities Services spaces, Transportation spaces, Vendor spaces, Reserved spaces, construction sites or decal required lots without a current decal or permit.


Leaving a child, an impaired passenger or a pet in a vehicle in conditions that, in the opinion of the PSA, pose a threat to the vehicle occupant. In this instance the UAFPD will be asked to assess the situation and respond appropriately.


Vehicles cannot park in such a manner that they take up more than one parking space or extend out into the parking lot inhibiting the flow of traffic.

Class 3 Violations $65.00:

NOTE: Removal of an improperly parked vehicle described in Class 3 violations is an immediate priority. Violators can expect their vehicles to be commercially towed to an outer lot at the owner's/driver's expense. In addition to the fine, Parking Services may determine that immobilization or commercial impound of the vehicle is warranted. (See immobilization and impound below) Some Class 3 violations may lead to criminal investigation and prosecution and/or disciplinary action.


It is a violation if a person required to do so fails to purchase, renew or to display a parking decal or appropriate permit.


This includes Gold and Silver Spaces, as well as, Departmental Reserved Spaces such as Facilities Services, Residence Life and other University Departments. It is a violation for anyone without a Gold or Silver decal to park in a parking place marked for the specific Gold or Silver decal holder's parking space. Gold or Silver Decal holders are encouraged to call Parking Services immediately if an unauthorized vehicle is parked in their space or spaces. We will respond quickly to relocate the vehicle and return the spot to the rightful occupant.


Unintentionally impeding a PSA.  


Parking in a fire lane or parking within 15 feet of a fire or wall hydrant. 


The decision to immobilize a vehicle is entirely at the discretion of Parking Services.

a.  For serious or repeated violations an immobilization device ("BOOT") may be attached to the vehicle. Citations may also be issued for violations that are concurrent with the decision to immobilize the vehicle.

b.  When a vehicle is "booted" a fee is assessed for its removal. The fee is payable at Parking Services during business hours. The vehicle owner/driver is also responsible for any citation that may accompany the immobilization as well as any previous unpaid citations.

c.  Failure to contact Parking Services by the close of business on the day the boot is attached may result in the vehicle being commercially towed to an outer lot at the driver/owner's expense or commercially impounded.

d.  Unauthorized removal of or damage to a boot is a criminal offense. The matter will be turned over to the UAFPD for investigation and prosecution.        

Class 4 Violations $125.00:

NOTE: Removal of an improperly parked vehicle described in Class 4 violations is an immediate priority. Violators can expect their vehicles to be commercially towed to an outer lot at the owner's/driver's expense. In addition to the fine, Parking Services may determine that immobilization or commercial impound of the vehicle is warranted. Some Class 4 violations could lead to criminal investigation, criminal prosecution or disciplinary action.

#400 FRAUD, EVASION, ABUSE OR FALSIFICATION: It is a violation to:

  1. Knowingly providing incorrect or misleading information in registering a vehicle on campus.
  2. Sell, give or exchange a decal to another individual with the intent to deprive the University of revenues.
  3. Knowingly steal, counterfeit, alter or tamper with a parking decal or parking permit.
  4. For a student, faculty member or staff person to knowingly and repeatedly evade purchase of a parking decal as required.
  5. Knowingly use a decal voided by transfer or purchase of a vehicle to park on campus.


Deliberate attempt to prevent a PSA from carrying out their assigned duty by means of verbal or physical interference, intimidation, blocking a vehicle path, interfering with a commercial tow truck operator or other. Such interference may be cause for action by the UAF Police Department.

Class 5 Violations $250.00:


It is a violation:

a.  To park any vehicle not properly identified for HCP in a HCP space.

b.  For any non-handicapped driver, unless escorting, dropping off, or picking-up a handicapped person, to park in a handicapped space even if the vehicle is marked for HCP.

Towing/Relocation of Vehicle

  1. When necessary to return a parking space to its rightful use, or to avoid delay of University operations Parking Services will call the UAF contracted tow company to relocate your vehicle to the Nenana or Taku lots. The University is not liable for any damage, expense or consequences arising from impound.
  2. Once the towing contractor dispatches the tow truck, the University incurs a fee. Therefore, the vehicle driver/owner is liable for the towing fee even if the driver/owner retrieves the vehicle prior to the arrival of the tow truck. This may be in addition to any citations.
  3. Only the actual cost of towing is assessed against the vehicle's owner/driver. No administrative surcharge is applied by Parking Services and there is no early payment discount available.
  4. For serious or repeated violations (e.g. failure to purchase decal) Parking Services may determine that immediate relocation, immobilization or impound of the vehicle is warranted.

Impound of Vehicle

  1. The decision to impound a vehicle is entirely at the discretion of Parking Services. NOTE: Impound authority is also granted to the UAFPD under State law.
  2. For serious or repeated violations the vehicle can be commercially impounded. Citations may also be issued for violations that are concurrent with the decision to immobilize the vehicle.
  3. If your vehicle has been impounded you may contact Parking Services (474-PARK) during normal University business hours for information as to which tow company has your vehicle. After hours, contact UAFPD Dispatch at 474-7721 for information.
  4. A commercial impound of a vehicle is an action taken by the University to have a vehicle immediately removed from campus. An impounded vehicle is no longer in the control, care, or custody of the University, nor is the University liable for any damage, expense or consequences arising from impound. Legal custody passes to the commercial towing company. Any and all arrangements including payments imposed by the commercial towing company are entirely the responsibility of the driver/owner.

Paying a Fine

  1. Payment may be mailed in the envelope provided with the citation. Do not send cash through the mail. Payment may also be made by cash, check, or credit card in Room 114 in the Facilities Services Building. Citations paid within 14 days of issuance are discounted $10.00 when paid online for early pay. The early pay discount does not apply to towing charges.
  2. Faculty and staff can pay citations by payroll deduction.

Penalties for Non-Payment

Persons with unpaid fines may be subject to denial of academic records, official transcripts or class registration; involuntary payroll deductions; referral to a collection agency; revocation of parking privileges; immobilization or impound of the vehicle. Unpaid fines, decal costs, or other penalties are an "Employee Obligation" of faculty and staff under University  Regulation 05.19.02, which may lead to disciplinary sanctions.

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