General Information

Engine Heater Plug-Ins

  1. Only a heavy-duty, rubber-coated (Arctic) extension cord shall be used to connect a vehicle to an engine heater outlet. Inexpensive, plastic-coated electric drop cords become brittle with cold and may short out the outlet or an entire row of outlets.
  2. Extension cords shall not be run from inside buildings or across roadways, sidewalks, or other parking spaces.
  3. As a matter of energy conservation, vehicles shall not be plugged-in on a continuing basis when the vehicle is not in regular use.
  4. Use of interior heaters is prohibited. Vehicles found to have operating interior heaters may be unplugged without notice.
  5. Any vehicle plugged into University power must have a current decal.
  6. Vehicles plugged-in in violation of the above may be cited and/or unplugged without notice.


All vehicles pulling trailers are encouraged to park in the west end of our Nenana Lot. Individuals who have need to park a trailer elsewhere on campus should contact Parking Services at 474-PARK (7275) to make arrangements before parking the trailer. The University does not provide long-term storage locations for trailers, RVs, boats, etc. Residents of campus who have need for this type of storage space should contact vendors in the Fairbanks area offering this type of service.

Motor Homes & Camping Policy

UAF appreciates the many visitors and tourists that come to our campus each year. Some come as guests of campus residents, others simply to visit, and many to participate in our summer programs such as commencement, Summer Fine Arts Camp and others. Some of our visitors will arrive in motor homes and with travel trailers. While not wanting to compete with local campgrounds, we do recognize that our guests may occasionally overnight on campus. Although we are not equipped with dump stations, water hook-ups, or laundry facilities, we do want our overnight guests to be comfortable. The following guidelines will assist UAF in being a good host:

  1. Maps are available in our Bus Shelters. Long term (more than 3 days) overnight parking is not permitted.
  2. Visitors who are guests of campus residential housing tenants may park in the residence driveways, or on the street in front of the residence, unless otherwise posted. In no event will the unit be allowed to obstruct traffic or safety.
  3. Visitors who are sponsored by a department or who are a participant in a specific summer campus event and anticipate a stay of more than three (3) days must obtain a permit from Parking Services. The sponsoring department should obtain a permit in advance of the scheduled event.
  4. Visitors are encouraged to ride our campus buses. There is no charge for this service. Schedules and routes are posted in the Bus Shelters.
  5. Individuals abusing camping policies may be referred to the UAFPD.
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