Parking Decals

Regular Parking Decal

Faculty and staff may obtain an annual decal for the period September 1 - August 31. Decals are also available on a semester basis for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Faculty and staff may elect a pre-tax payroll deduction plan. Adjunct faculty and employees working less than half time may purchase a regular decal at a 50% discount.

Student Parking Decal

Students may purchase decals each semester at a per credit hour rate determined by credit hours taken. If you anticipate being on campus year round, either as a student or student employee, consider purchasing the annual decal. Annual decals are available to students at a discounted rate. Faculty or staff who are taking classes are considered employees and are not eligible for student rates.

Multi-Car User (MCU) Hanger

  1. The MCU program provides lower cost, with some inconvenience; it allows an affiliated individual to drive a different or secondary vehicle on campus as he/she chooses. Only a single MCU identifying hanger is issued to the driver/owner and must be displayed by hanging from the rearview mirror of whichever vehicle is on campus. This is to insure that only one MCU vehicle is on campus at any given time.
  2. Many people who would otherwise qualify for an MCU permit nonetheless opt to purchase a regular decal for a secondary vehicle because the MCU permit is less convenient. The MCU hanger requires that the driver/owner remember to switch the hanger when the secondary vehicle is driven to campus. Additionally, other non-affiliated family members who may have occasional business on campus are subject to citation if they park the secondary vehicle in the Visitor Only, or Visitor/Decal Required lots because the secondary vehicle will lack the MCU hanger. In such cases the individual must formally appeal the citation to determine whether their status at the time the citation was issued qualifies them as a visitor under these regulations. (See Section VI, Violation # 107, andSection VII, Appeals)
  3. Faculty, staff and non-campus residents: The MCU program requires a registration card for each vehicle. The first vehicle plus up to a maximum of 3 additional vehicles can be registered.
  4. The MCU program is not available to campus residents. Campus residents are required to purchase a regular decal for each private vehicle parked on campus or at their campus residence.
  5. Spouses or dependents of employees who are students, or employees of the University are subject to 1 above, and can not use the MCU in lieu of purchasing a second decal.

Gold Decal Hanger

Gold Lots (exclusively reserved parking lots) may, at the discretion of the Parking Manager be set up. These lots/spaces will be reserved solely for Gold Lot holders by lot.

  1. A request for cancellation of a Gold hanger and refund must be in writing to Parking Services. Refunds will not be pro-rated for less than full calendar months.
  2. Should additional Gold lot spaces become limited or unavailable, Parking Services reserves the right to accommodate 12-month decal purchasers before 9-month decal purchasers.
  3. Gold lots are reserved from September 1 through August 31 for a 12-month hanger, and September 1 through May 31 for a 9-month hanger. Gold lots are reserved Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. except University holidays.

Decal Location

Decals must be permanently affixed as instructed on the decal (not taped) on the lower right hand corner (passenger side) of the windshield.

Decal Upgrade/Downgrade

The vehicle driver/owner may request a decal upgrade or downgrade at any time. The current decal must be removed and returned to Parking Services. The pro-rated cost of the original decal is adjusted to the purchase price of the new decal along with a minimal transfer fee.

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