Vehicle Registration & Decal Purchase

Who Must Purchase and Display a Decal

  1. All full-time, part-time, temporary or adjunct faculty, staff and students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks and System wide Administrative Offices located on the UAF main campus; employees working and students attending class at University leased facilities; and federal and state agency staff who work and park personal vehicles on campus.
  2. Student Recreation Complex (SRC) Users:
    1. SRC users who would not otherwise be require to purchase a decal by virtue of affiliation with the University as a student or employee may park in the Patty Center, or Nenana lots while using the SRC. SRC parking permits are required and available for a nominal fee at the Parking Office in Room 114 in the Facilities Services Building.
    2. An SRC user not otherwise affiliated with the University is considered a visitor when on campus for other personal business, and may park in the visitor parking lots.
  3. All other persons associated with the University of Alaska Fairbanks on a full-time, part-time, or temporary basis including contractors, vendors and consultants must purchase decals. (See Exceptions)
  4. Persons residing in campus housing must have a UAF Parking decal for each private vehicle parked on campus or at their campus residence - not a MCU hanger.
  5. Official vehicles belonging to federal or state agencies with offices located on campus must display parking decals.
  6. Volunteers (decal or permit provided by department):
    1. Long-term or Permanent Volunteers: Departments that benefit from long-term or permanent volunteers must purchase a parking decal for their volunteers. For these purposes, long-term is generally defined as an expected volunteer period in excess of 30 consecutive calendar days. Decals required for more than a month, but less than a full semester can be purchased on a pro-rated basis.
    2. Short-term Volunteers: Parking permits for volunteers working from time to time, and for less than 30 consecutive calendar days must be purchased by the department benefited from Parking Services in Room 114 at the Facilities Services Building for a nominal fee.


  1. Delivery trucks, maintenance contractors, repair, service and related vendor personnel (not sales staff) whose vehicles plainly identify the business and while conducting official deliveries or pick-ups may park in Vendor/Delivery spaces or specified loading zones not to exceed the posted time limit.
  2. Visitors (General Public): Visitors with valid permits may park in lots designated "VISITOR ONLY" or lots designated "VISITOR/DECAL PARKING" or "Decal Required." Visitor vehicles must have valid permits during working hours (M-F, 8-5p). Parking meters must be paid by all users during the posted times. 

C. When to Purchase your Decals

  1. Faculty and staff must purchase a new decal upon expiration of the old decal, or during annual issuance of new decals at the end of August each year, whichever is sooner.
  2. Students should purchase their decals at the time of fee payment, or as set out in item 3 below. Decals are required for summer semester students and student employees not taking summer classes.
  3. New employees, including temporary employees, must purchase and display their decal within 10 working days of commencing employment. UA employees may elect to take a pre-tax payroll deduction for the cost of their decal. Should your vehicle be cited for not having a decal in this period, please contact Parking Services at 474-PARK (7275) immediately for resolution.
  4. If an employee or student acquires a different car, decal purchase must be made within (10) ten calendar days of the date the vehicle was obtained. Should your vehicle be cited for not having a decal during this period, please contact Parking Services immediately at 474-PARK (7275) for resolution.
  5. Drivers who purchase new vehicles without license plates or registration may contact Parking Services for a temporary permit. (See Section III)

Vehicle Sale or Transfer

  1. UAF decals and permits are not transferable. If the vehicle is sold, the decal must be removed.
  2. A replacement parking decal may be purchased for a minimal fee. If the old decal or identifiable portions thereof are returned to Parking Services, the cost of the replacement decal will be pro-rated. Otherwise, the full replacement cost must be charged.
  3. A UAF decal becomes null and void upon sale of a vehicle. Using the decal to park on campus is fraudulent and the driver/owner's vehicle is subject to citation, relocation, immobilization, impound or loss of parking privilege.

Change of Status

Any change in status, such as a new address, sale of car, purchase of another car, or change in license plates, must be reported to Parking Services within ten (10) working days of the change.

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