Parking Services is dedicated to providing convenient parking at a reasonable price. Our staff consists of fellow-employees and students. We are committed to fair and courteous service to all our customers. We consider parking citations to be the least desirable option in encouraging compliance with the Board of Regent's policy and University parking rules. We will treat our customers with a positive and respectful attitude at all times. We ask the same of you.

Thank you.

Guests, Visitors and Special Needs

Please contact Parking Services anytime you are hosting guests or visitors that park on campus. We will provide permits as necessary. It is our pleasure to accommodate any special needs they may have. Remember that, without a permit displayed in the vehicle, our Parking Services Attendants don't know who is driving the vehicle. So, if a ticket is issued in error, please contact us immediately at 474-PARK (7275). We want to insure that our guests leave with a positive impression of our campus community.

Motorist Assistance Program

If you run out of gas, need help jump starting your vehicle, or if you lock your keys in your car, give Parking Services a call at 474-PARK (7275). We will dispatch a Parking Services Attendant to assist you. This free service is available during regular working hours. You will be asked to sign a liability release form. Note: We are not able to unlock vehicles equipped with side air bags.

Superseding Instructions

This manual is updated periodically as needed. Therefore, if a conflict arises between this manual and subsequent information contained in posted signs, brochures, website notices or other official publications, the most recent instructions will prevail. In the event of a misunderstanding or disagreement as to the correct interpretation of these procedures, the interpretation of Parking Services will prevail.


Board of Regents' Policy 02.09.03 provides authority to establish parking regulations and procedures. Board of Regents' Regulation 05.19.02 provides authority to collect fees from employees. Board of Regents' Policies05.10.02 and 05.10.07 authorize the president to delegate the authority to establish student fees such as those for parking to the chancellors or their designees.

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