Cash Handling & Petty Cash

Change Orders and Petty Cash Fund Check Cashing

The Office of the Bursar has significantly reduced the amount of cash it keeps on hand. As a result, we request that departments requesting to cash petty cash checks greater than $250 and change orders in excess of $500 provide two business days notice. By providing this advance notice, it will ensure that we have the funds on hand to complete your request.

Transactions for smaller amounts will continue to be completed on a walk-in basis.

Please contact Sally Kim at x7553 or to schedule change orders or petty cash transactions.

Petty Cash Reimbursement

Petty cash vouchers allow employees to be reimbursed for out of pocket work expenses totaling a maximum of $100.00. To be eligible for a petty cash voucher, the following guidelines must be met :

  • You may only be reimbursed if your department does not have a petty cash fund.
  • The original receipt(s) must accompany the voucher
  • Maximum amount reimbursable is $100.
  • The person receiving the funds must sign this form and present photo ID.
  • You may not receive reimbursement for the following:
  1. Personal Services (All 1XXX account numbers)
  2. Travel (All 2XXX account numbers, except Mileage on 2006)
  3. Contractual Services accounts 3005 – 3013
  4. Food Items filed with a Rep Allowance form
  5. Capital Expenditures (All 5XXX account numbers)
  6. Student Aid (All 6XXX account numbers)
  7. Entertainment Items (Account 8115)
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