Apply for privately funded scholarships

Fill out this form IN ADDITION TO the scholarship application at UAOnline (see step 2 below)
Complete this application only once to be considered for most privately funded scholarships and UAF merit, service, retention & talent scholarships.

Step 1

To be eligible to apply, students must either be new students who have applied for UAF admission or be continuing UAF students. Apply for admission to a UAF degree or certificate program by February 15. The admission application can be completed at UAOnline.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be considered for scholarships unless you have also applied for admission to the appropriate undergraduate or graduate degree program. All selection criteria not requested on this form or through UAOnline will be obtained from your UA student record (e.g. academic major, class standing, etc.). You must be sure your UA student record is as complete and accurate as possible. A personal essay is a required part of this year's application. Scholarship selection committees may contact you to request additional information.


Step 2

Complete the scholarship applications steps at UAOnline as outlined in "UAF Merit, Service, Retention & Talent scholarships."
This UAOnline portion of the scholarship application is required and you cannot be considered for any scholarships if you have not completed it.


Step 3

Return to this page and complete the form below.


Step 4

To receive consideration for need-based scholarships, you must submit a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15 prior to the semester you plan to attend. FAFSA data used to determine scholarship eligibility include financial need, marital status, number of dependents other than spouse, etc. These items are selection criteria for specific scholarships and an important part of your application.

UAF's FAFSA school code: 001063



Applications received after February 15 will NOT be accepted. Submitting an incomplete application or failing to adhere to the requirements will result in disqualification.



Information provided on this form will be used by UAF for UAF-related business only. This form resides on a secure server, which encrypts entered information so that it cannot be read as it travels through the Internet.

Scholarship Selection committees begin meeting after March 1 and may continue into the summer months. Every effort is made to notify successful applicants as soon as possible; however, it is impossible to send every unsuccessful applicant a response due to the volume of applications and scholarships. To check on the status of your application, contact the Scholarship Coordinator at 907-474-5372 or via email at after April 1.

Scholarship committees evaluate applications according to established criteria. Emphasis and evaluations can vary between committees, but generally the most important considerations are academic merit and financial need.


UAF Supplemental Scholarship Application (for 2014-2015 academic year)

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