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Film Majors will be required to screen their demo reel each spring in front of a public audience. Students will receive feedback on their reel from faculty and professionals, and develop a professional reel by the time of graduation.

Students are encouraged to develop a demo reel no longer than 4 minutes highlighting their best work. Students may wish to specify their role at the beginning of the reel such as "Cinematography" or "Directing". Typically, as students your reel will showcase a varity of your skllls and talents.

For ideas and inspiration spend time looking at the Vimeo Demo Reel Channel here:


February 13, 2014

The Spring 2014 Reel Review will take place on Thursday February 13 from 1:05-1:55 in the UAF Theatre Green Room (THEA 101). Additional screening times will be scheduled if needed. FILM MAJORS must bring a DVD with their reel for the department to keep, and provide a link to your reel online.

Film majors must provide come prepared with:

1) a DVD of your reel for the Theatre/Film Program

2) a current film resume

Students are encouraged to post their work to Vimeo or YouTube and link to Film UAF as well as provide a DVD for the Theatre/Film Department. 

You can link to FilmUAF on Vimeo here:

or Film UAF on YouTube is here:

First year film majors are encouraged to watch reel reviews, though are not required to participate.