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ffailed Senate/Review Committee
+disapproved in part by Committee
#amended by Sen./Review Committee
aapproved by Chancellor's office
paction pending from Chancellor's Office
taction tabled by Senate
waction withdrawn
*modified by Chancellor's Office
!disapproved by Chancellor's Office
-no signature/action required
oapproved; no objection received from Chancellor's Office
rreferred to Committee

Grading Policy

FY88 All grades for course show on permanent record--only last grade achieved will be computed in GPA. (a) Meeting #04 Grades become part of permanent record & can't be changed. (a,*) Meeting #04 To graduate with honors, must have 3.5. (a) Meeting #04 FY89 Accept current UAF incomplete grade policy university-wide. (a,*) Meeting #07 Motion on awarding No-basis grade. (#,a) Meeting #07 Amend policy on pass/fail. (#,a) Meeting #07 Motion on policy on repeating courses & computing GPA. (a) Meeting #07 FY92 Motion to approve the policy on computing Grade Point Average (GPA) giving a point value to +/-'s. (a) Meeting #31 FY94 Motion to approve academic policies affected by change of grade point average (GPA) calculation. (substituted by following motion) (#) Meeting #44 Motion to retain the plus/minus grades while rescinding the policy to assign numerical values for plus/minus grades. (final vote, mgt. 45) (#) Meeting #44 Motion to rescind the policy to assign plus/minus grades. (a) Meeting #45 Motion to amend policy on when freshmen mid-term grades are due. (a) Meeting #48 FY95 Motion to adopt a Grade Appeals Policy. (a) Meeting #56 FY96 Motion to amend the UAF Grade Appeals Policy. (a) Meeting #61 Motion to amend the UAF Grade Appeals Policy III.B.3. (a) Meeting #61 FY97 Proposed amendments to withdrawal & NB grade. (Referred to Curricular Affairs & distributed to UAF community.) (r) Meeting #ac97 Motion on student-initiated withdrawal and elimination of NB grade--TABLED. (t) Meeting #66 Motion on continue the tabling of the Withdrawal/No Basis grade issue until the December meeting. (-) Meeting #67 Motion on changes to the policies on "W", "I", and "NB". (a) Meeting #68 FY98 Motion to adopt recommendations of Curricular Affairs on the Faculty Alliance proposed common grading policy. (-) Meeting #80 Motion to amend the UAF Grade Appeals Policy. (a) Meeting #80

FY00 Motion to amend the Grade Appeals Policy. (a) Meeting #89 Motion to amend the deadline for selecting the credit/no credit option. (a) Meeting #90 FY02 Motion to amend the Appeals Policy for Academic Decisions Other Than Assignment of Grades. (a) Meeting #109 Motion to amend the Grade Appeals Policy. (a) Meeting #109 FY03 Motion to change the Low Grade Reports system for freshmen to Freshmen Progress Reports. (a) Meeting #113 FY04 Motion to amend the Academic Bankruptcy for Returning Students' policy. (a) Meeting #117 Discussion on Course Level and Grade Definitions (-) Meeting #121 FY05 Motion to establish a policy on minimum grade of "C" for prerequisite courses. (a*) Meeting #130 Grade distribution and grade inflation - Discussion (-) Meeting #128 FY06 Motion to amend the grading policy and GPA computation to include plus/minuses. (a) Meeting #137 Motion to amend the grading policy to change the "I" and add the "NB" grading option. (a) Meeting #135 Faculty Referendum on plus/minus grading--Discussion (-) Meeting #135
	Motion to amend the Grade Error Policy. (a) Meeting #142
	Motion to amend the minimum grade requirement for graduate students. (a#) Meeting #142
	Motion to amend the Grade Point computation policy.  (a) Meeting #140
	Motion to amend course prerequisites policy clarifying that a C grade is 2.0. (a) Meeting #146
Motion to clarify that references to "C" grade in UAF Catalog mean equivalent to 2.0 (a) Meeting #147
	Motion to revise the deadlines of the "Appeal of Academic Decisions" policy. (a) Meeting #157