Faculty Senate Unit Criteria Committee

Unit Criteria Received for Review - FALL 2009 and SPRING 2010

Meeting Minutes

Unit Criteria - Dept./Unit:
Status of Review

The DANSRD unit criteria will be reviewed in Fall 2010.

4-19-2010: Dept. of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development re-submitted their unit criteria.

These were last reviewed in April of 2008 before the Alaska Native Studies program was incorporated. Minutes from that meeting are linked here.

DANSRD Unit Criteria (Word.doc)

25 April 2008 meeting minutes (Word.doc)

CNSM - Natural Sciences

Unit Criteria Committee met on 4-19-2010 and made some suggestions; and on 4-20-2010 CNSM incorporated them and resubmitted for a final review of the committee via email.

4-12-2010: Rich Boone sent a clean version of the Natural Sciences unit criteria for review.

4-8-2010: Rich Boone forwarded document with responses to UC Committee's Oct. 7 comments; and corresponding unit criteria with revision notes. (Note: The PDF version posted 2-17-10 is a 'clean' revised version.)

The re-submitted criteria looked identical to that already received last fall. A request has been sent to CNSM for the latest version. (3-25-10)

Re-submitted criteria for committee's review.

Committee's comments are in minutes of 10-07-2009.

5-3-2010: Faculty Senate reaffirmed these criteria.

4-20-2010: Final version of Natural Sciences Unit Criteria with 4-20-2010 revisions (Word.doc)

4-19-2010 Unit Criteria Meeting Minutes (Word)

4-12-2010: Final version of Natural Sciences Unit Criteria for committee's review. (Word.doc)

Natural Sciences UC with responses and revisions (PDF - 5.4MB) - 4-8-2010

This version was received 2/17/2010 and sent to the committee:
Natural Sciences (PDF)

An older version is posted in the table below.

English and Philosophy and Humanities

4-7-2010: UC Committee reviewed the revised criteria via email and the majority have voted to pass them. Motion will be prepared for Senate Meeting #167 (May 3).

4-6-2010: Received and forwarded a memo and revised version of the unit criteriea to the Committee.

2-1-2010: Forwarded comments regarding these unit criteria from the 1/29/10 meeting to the dept. contact.

11-12-09: Received English and Philosopy and Humanities UC and sent to Cmte

5-3-2010: Faculty Senate reaffirmed these criteria.

4-16-2010: Finalized English and Philosophy/Humanties Unit Criteria (PDF)

4-6-2010 Revised-Eng-Phil-Hum-UC (PDF)
4-5-2010 Memo to Committee re Revised UC (Word)

Older version:
11-12-09 Submitted Eng-Phil-Hum UC (PDF)

1-29-10 meeting minutes


4-16-2010: UC Committee have approved the Theatre's revised unit criteria and these will move forward to the May 3 Senate Meeting #167.

4-12-2010: Revised Theatre unit criteria received from Carrie Baker and forwarded to committee.

Theatre will do some additional revising.
3-25-10: To be discussed at UC meeting.

3-16-2010: Revised UC received along with definitions for Theatre's UC. Reps would like to attend next committee meeting.

1-25-10: per Carrie Baker, Theatre rep would like to attend next UC meeting. Revised UC were forwarded from Theatre on 2-1-10.

12-4-09: Committee discussed and sent suggested revisions to Theatre.

11-2-09: Received UC from Theatre Dept. and sent to Cmte

5-3-2010: Faculty Senate reaffirmed these criteria.

4-12-2010: Theatre UC Revised Document (Word)

UC Definitions for committee from department.

Older 3-16-10: 2nd Revised Theater UC received from department.

3-16-2010 Email text from Carrie Baker for Theatre.

2-1-10: Revised Theatre UC received from dept

11-2-09 Submitted Theatre UC

12-4-09: meeting minutes (referencing Theatre and ANLC/ANLP discussions)


4-5-2010: Reaffirmed at Faculty Senate Meeting #166 by a unaimous vote.

3-23-10: On FS agenda for Apr. 5 meeting. (Were on Mar. 5 agenda, but ran out of time at meeting.)

2-8-10: Received revisions following dept.'s review of Cmte's 11-25-09 review.

11-25-09: Received revisions after Cmte's initial review. To be discussed at 12-4-09 UC Mtg.

Revised ANLC-ANLP UC of 2-8-10

Older 11-25-09 Revised ANLC-ANLP UC

10-30-09 meeting minutes (referencing initial ANLC/ANLP discussion)


11-9-09: Reaffirmed at Faculty Senate Meeting #162.

11-9-09 Journalism Unit Criteria (PDF)

UC Committee Meeting Minutes
Sept. 11, 2009
Oct. 7, 2009
Oct. 30, 2009
Dec. 4, 2009
Jan. 29, 2010
Feb. 25, 2010
Mar. 25, 2010
Apr. 19, 2010

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Files for UC Committee Meeting - March 20, 2009

Unit Criteria - Dept./Unit:
Status of Review
Mathematics and Statistics

10-12-09: Senate ratified Chancellor's decision to approve DMS unit criteria as rearranged.

9-10-09: Chancellor approved DMS unit criteria as rearranged.

5-4-09: Reaffirmed at Faculty Senate Meeting #159.

Labor Relations provided input and DMS made revisions as of 4-16-09. Re-submitted to UC Cmte on 4-16-09.

10-12-09 DMS Unit Criteria as rearranged


Older version:

Provost's Comments
2-23-09 via email


5-4-09: Reaffirmed at Faculty Senate Meeting #159; Provost approved.

Re-submitted to UC Cmte with no changes after wider SNRAS faculty review (after 4-6-09 Senate Meeting).

Re-submitted by SNRAS with revisions. 2-20-09


Comments to Committee by Steve Sparrow.doc

Marine Advisory Program

Re-affirmed at 4-6-09 Faculty Senate Meeting #158.

Submitted to Committee 3-17-09 (Ray Ralonde)

Dept. of Communications

Re-affirmed at 4-6-09 Faculty Senate Meeting #158.

Submitted to Committee 3-17-09 (Robert Arundale)

Natural Sciences

Fall 2009 - UC are still under review by the CNSM faculty.

As of 4-23-09, UC have not been re-submitted by CNSM.

Under revision by depts. at CNSM as of 3-17-09.

Version dated 1/15/10 is posted above. Rec'd 2/17/2010 and sent to committee.

Older version:

Memo from CNSM


Fall 2009

DANRD will continue work the unit criteria in Fall 2009.

Still at CRCD as of 3-17-09.

UPDATE: See table above for Unit Criteria submitted from DANSRD on 4/19/2010. (Progrma name change as Alaska Native Studies has been incorporated.)
Anthropology 11-10-08: Reaffirmed at the Faculty Senate Meeting #154.

Posted online at the Provost's Office web site:


See link for Unit Criteria under Promotion & Tenure


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