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 Traditional Uses of Reindeer 
  • Meat and organs such as tongue, kidneys, brain, heart and liver are used as food.

  • Tallow or fat is used in recipes such as Eskimo ice cream and was burned as a light source.

  • Hard antlers and bone are used to make utensils, tools and decorative objects.

  • Bone marrow is extracted and used as food.

  • Antler velvet is sold to Korean markets.

  • Back sinew is used to make thread.

  • Milk was used to make butter and cheese.

  • Hides are used for clothing, mukluks, blankets, mittens, tents, boat coverings, sleeping bags, house coverings and insulation.

  • Hair can be eaten! This practice has saved some groups from starvation.

Courtesy of Greg Finstad and Reindeer Roundup - A K-12 Educator’s Guide to Reindeer in Alaska.

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