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 Children's garden blooms at Georgeson Botanical Garden 
Children's Garden Map
  1. Whimsical, inviting gateway.
  2. Alaska pioneer garden, with a child-sized log cabin surrounded by plants such as lingonberries and blueberries which were used by Alaska Natives and settlers of the Interior.
  3. Sand, soil and peat boxes (with various growing media or soil types) where visitors can explore soil properties. Garden visitors are invited to conduct their own archaeological explorations by searching for mock artifacts buried in the boxes.
  4. A ground maze, made of brick pavers with tiles that tell a story, will include stone carvings representing the story characters.
  5. Based on the book of the same name, the secret garden will have an entry hidden from direct view and a stone wall with peek holes and crawl spaces that is sturdy enough for children to climb on. Here plantings will be designed to create the feeling of a special hidden place to be discovered anew by each child. Its entrance will be near the grotto (6).
  6. A hidden bench built into the side of the hill, the grotto should appeal to adults and children. There will be a fountain where very small children can safely splash and an inviting bench for parent break time. The entrance to the secret garden will be off to the side.
  7. The willow tunnel will start seven feet high and gradually get shorter until it is only four feet tall at the end. As the willows grow, they will be trained to completely cover the tunnel.
  8. The stream is a rock-lined area with deeper points where kids can make dams and explore water flow. A flume will have instruments to measure flow volume and rate. The water feature will start as a spring near the pioneer garden and end in a boggy area below the second bridge.
  9. A useful site for observing birds, insects, types of bark and tree seeds, the tree house complex will have a handicapped-accessible structure, built as much as possible with spruce poles and native woods. Birch and aspen will be planted here, as well as fast-growing ornamentals.
  10. Placement of composting toilets is being studied, as is space for a classroom to teach children’s garden classes.
  11. A hedge maze of Caragana shrubs (Siberian pea) shaped to resemble a rose. Fairbanks elementary school students started the seeds last fall.
  12. A  weather garden with instruments to measure weather conditions and record data.
  13. Junior garden beds and raised planters for hands-on learning.

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