Commencement 2008 | Sunday, May 11, 2008 | John A. Carlson Center

Degree and emeriti recipients

Dr. Roy K. Bird

Professor of English and Director, Emeritus

WHEREAS Dr. Roy K. Bird has served the University of Alaska Fairbanks with distinction in teaching, research and public service from 1984 to 2008; and

WHEREAS Dr. Bird has, as part of his vocation during nearly twenty-five years at the University, brought students into more than ordinary contact with interesting and singular scribes; and has, through the unfettered exchange of ideas, fostered the development of similarly interesting and singular viewpoints among his students; and has guided numerous students to a discovery of their own talents and possibilities, such that he has thrice been named outstanding advisor of the year; and

WHEREAS Dr. Bird has demonstrated a catholic interest in literary matters, including American letters, Eastern European society, history and literature, and the pedagogical possibilities of new media; and has authored three books and published or presented more than forty papers; and has further expanded his intellectual repertoire as a four-time senior Fulbright lecturer in American literature in Romania; and

WHEREAS Dr. Bird has served with energy and leadership on dozens of committees and organizations at the Department, College and University levels, on matters as diverse as intercollegiate athletics and curriculum development, as director of the Honors Program and chair of the Department of English; and has, through his mentorship of new faculty members, helped ensure the highest quality of education at the University;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Alaska Fairbanks expresses its deep appreciation to Dr. Bird for his extensive contributions to both the State of Alaska and the University; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the University of Alaska Fairbanks, in further recognition of the invaluable services rendered by Dr. Bird and as evidence of the University’s desire that his identification with the University be maintained, hereby salutes the appointment of Dr. Roy K. Bird as Professor of English and Director, Emeritus; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be appropriately engrossed and signed by the Chancellor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks as further evidence of the esteem and respect in which he holds Dr. Roy K. Bird, and conveyed to Dr. Bird on this day of May 11, 2008.

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