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Degree candidates

School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Degree and honors information
* Summer degree recipient
**December degree recipient

Denis Wiesenburg, Dean

Baccalaureate | Master's | Doctoral

Baccalaureate Degrees

Jackson C. Fox **
B.S., Fisheries

Christine Gleason
B.S., Fisheries

Jessica Johnson
B.S., Fisheries

Jonathan Richar
magna cum laude, B.S., Fisheries

Carl Alexander Roberts
B.S., Fisheries

Brandie Lee Weintraub **
B.S., Fisheries

Master's Degrees

John Brewer *
M.S., Marine Biology. B.S., University of Florida, 1997

Sean Eugene Burril *
M.S., Fisheries. B.S., University of Alaska Southeast, 2003

Susan Paige Drobny
M.S., Oceanography: Fisheries. B.S., Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University, 1997

Derrek Marshall Faber
M.S., Fisheries. B.S., Colorado State University, 1996

David P. Gregovich **
M.S., Fisheries. B.S., University of Alaska Southeast, 1996

Jiaqi Huang *
M.S., Food Science and Nutrition. B.S., Shanghai Jiao Tong University (P. R. China), 2005

Peter-John Frederick Hulson **
M.S., Fisheries. B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2004

Caroline Jezierski
M.S., Marine Biology. B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College (Minnesota), 1997

Matthew A. Jones *
M.S., Fisheries. B.S., University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1998

Seanbob Kelly **
M.S., Oceanography: Fisheries. B.S., University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2005

Mary E. Loewen *
M.S., Fisheries. B.S., University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2002

Aaron E. Martin *
M.S., Fisheries. B.S., University of Montana, 2002

Jacqueline L. Mitchell **
M.S., Fisheries. B.S., University of California Davis, 1997

Natalie M. Monacci **
M.S., Oceanography: Chemical. B.S., University of South Carolina, 2003

Amit Morey *
M.S., Seafood Science and Nutrition: Interdisciplinary Program. B.S., Konkan Agricultural University (India), 2001. M.S., University of Agricultural Sciences Bangkok (Thailand), 2003

Katie Jane Palof
M.S., Fisheries. B.A., Hiram College (Ohio), 2003

Carrie L. Parris
M.S., Marine Biology. B.S., University of Southern Colorado, 2002

Renee Alaine Raudonis **
M.S., Marine Biology. Golden Key Honor Society. B.S., Texas A & M University at Galveston, 2003

Quinn Smith
M.S., Fisheries. B.A., Earlham College (Indiana), 2004

Stan P. Triebenbach *
M.S., Fisheries. B.A., Minnesota State University Moorhead, 2001

Kray F. Van Kirk
M.S., Fisheries. B.A., Linfield College (Oregon), 1982. B.S., Sheldon Jackson College (Alaska), 2001

Xian Wang *
M.S., Marine Biology. B.S., Ocean University of China, 2003

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Doctoral Degrees

Charles F. Adams *
Ph.D. Oceanography: Fisheries
B.S., University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1993. M.S., University of British Columbia (Canada), 1995

Thesis: Physical and Biological Factors Affecting the Diel Vertical Migration of Walleye Pollock
This research examined the effect of light, temperature and prey availability on the diel vertical migration of adult walleye pollock. In summer, pollock follow their prey to the surface at night, ignoring both light and temperature. In the fall, however, pollock migrate with the minimum light necessary for visual foraging.
Major Professors: Dr. Kenneth O. Coyle and Dr. John J. Kelley

Edward V. Farley, Jr.
Ph.D. Fisheries
B.S., University of Washington, 1987. M.S., University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1996

Thesis: Juvenile Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Ecology
Smaller sockeye salmon are less likely to survive during their first summer at sea. Body size, fatness, and growth potential are controlled by the physics of the eastern Bering Sea ecosystem. Spring and summer sea temperatures play a key role in marine productivity and sockeye salmon growth and survival.
Major Professor: Dr. Milo D. Adkison

Nicole Misarti **
Ph.D. Marine Archaeology: Interdisciplinary Program
B.A., Middlebury College (Vermont), 1995. M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000

Thesis: Six Thousand Years of Change in the Northeast Pacific: An Interdisciplinary View of Maritime Ecosystems
This project developed long-term records of North Pacific marine ecosystems and explored relationships between change in those ecosystems and change in prehistoric Aleut culture through soil chemistry, isotope analyses of lake cores and isotope analysis of bone collagen from archaeological middens.
Major Professor: Dr. Bruce P. Finney

Olav Aleksander Ormseth **
Ph.D. Oceanography: Fisheries
B.A., Bates College (Maine), 1991. M.S., University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1997

Thesis: Reproductive Potential of Pacific Cod (Gadus Macrocephalus) in Alaska
Field and laboratory investigations were used to study the reproductive biology of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) in the North Pacific Ocean. The reproductive success of Pacific cod depends on the number of eggs they produce, rather than the size or quality of individual eggs. Reproduction is under strong environmental control.
Major Professor: Dr. Brenda L. Norcross

Cory T. Williams
Ph.D. Marine Biology
B.S., Simon Fraser University (Canada), 2000

Thesis: Foraging Ecology and Nutritional Stress of Tufted Puffins (Fratercula cirrhata) Inferred from Stable Isotopes, Fatty Acid Signatures, and Field Endocrinology
Stable isotopes and fatty acid signatures were used to investigate the trophic ecology of free-living tufted puffins. Analysis of body condition indices and circulating levels of stress hormones were used to determine seasonal and inter-annual variation in the physiological condition of breeding puffins.
Major Professor: Dr. C. Loren Buck

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