English Graduate Student Organization

English Graduate Organization (EGO)

Since its inception in the mid-eighties, the purpose of EGO has been to further the academic and professional goals of English graduate students and foster a sense of community among English graduate students which extends to the University community at large. EGO strives to work in the best interest of its members by serving as a liaison between faculty and students. When necessary, EGO serves as a body which can advocate student needs to the Department of English and the University as a whole.

 EGO regularly hosts readings by its members which serve to invite and welcome the University population and the larger community of Fairbanks to participate. EGO also works to establish more open communication between faculty and students by encouraging faculty and professionals to impart their experience and wisdom beyond the classroom with the aim of preparing EGO members for future academic and professional careers so that they might best represent the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


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