Ilya Kaminsky

Kevin Canty

~ Speaker Unknown
~ [Where the widowed and most gorgeous women]
~ [Motionless forgetful music of women and men]
     Ilya Kaminsky
~ Our Discovery
~ The Gate
     Fred Ostrander
I Had Wanted to Be an Archer
    Jason Tandon  

depp dreams of the california gold rush
    Britton Shurley

Stringing Wire
    D. James Smith
Bad Birds
    Alyce Miller
    Nancy Burke
3 AM, Village Inn, El Paso, Texas
    Laura Madeline Wiseman
Unscheduled Maintenance
    John Estes
The Mission
    Jared Pearce
St. Martin's Horse
    Rodney Gomez
 ~My Ella Fitzgerald
~Laurel St. Lavender
    Zebulon Huset

    Michelle Crowson 

No Reprieve
    Julia Wendell
Display Sales
    Jonas Lerman
    Thomas Robert Barnes
The Mountain Before Him
    Charles Malone
Palm Sunday
    Michael H. Lythgoe
~The Salvation of Edna
~She Lifted Her Arms But Wasn't Surrendering.
    Christopher Citro
Purple Derby Tilt
    Donnelle C. McGee
Two Birds Falling from Lime Twigs
    Miranda Merklein
The Budapest Experiment
    Avery K. Slater
Lead man
    Max Snavlin
    Christian Knoeller
 The Excavation of Troy
    James Doyle

Cave Gossip
    Keith Harvey

~The Goat Is Hungry Again
~To Build a Fire
    Dan Pinkerton

The Red Door
    Dennis McFadden

The Deaf Cat and the Rain
    Michael Hogan

Two Doors Down from Henry Lee Lucas
    Cherri Randall

Middle Man
    Jeannie Galeazzi

Fourth of July
    Candace Rowe

Talking Garbage Pickers' Blues
    S. Frederic Liss

The Second Time
    Cameron MacKenzie

Say Something Nice
    Diana Joseph

Ten Young Elizabeths
    Hilarie Shanley

What Tomorrow Brings
    Billy Thorpe

The Back Road
    Nate Liederbach

Featuring artwork by David Mollett and Guy Beining.
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