Eric Heyne

Phone:   (907) 474-5982
Office:   Gruening 836

Eric Heyne has been teaching at UAF since 1986.   He received his doctorate in critical theory and American literature from Ohio State University in 1984.   He has served as Chair of the English Dept., President of the Faculty Senate, and Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.   He has published essays on American literature, northern and Alaskan literature, and the theory of the fiction/nonfiction distinction, in Modern Fiction Studies, Narrative, Western American Literature, River Teeth, Extrapolation, The Northern Review, and elsewhere, and is the editor of Desert, Garden, Margin, Range:   Literature on the American Frontier (Twayne 1992).   He has published poetry in Platte Valley Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Ice-Floe, Scintilla, Eclectica, and elsewhere.

Classes for academic year 2013-14:

   Fall Semester

  •      English 111X-F10 - Introduction to Academic Writing
  •      English 306-F01 - Begin to Civil War

  Spring Semester

  •      English 310 -  Literary Criticism
  •      English 455 -  Studies in 20th and 21st-Century American Literature:    Science  Fiction
  •      English 620 -  Images of the North
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