Chris Coffman

Associate Professor of English

At UAF, I teach courses in a number of fields: women's and gender studies;  literary and cultural theory;  twentieth-century literature;  British literature from Romanticism to the present; and world literature.  

My research is interdisciplinary, and emphasizes the intersection of psychoanalytic theories of gender and sexuality with twentieth-century literature, film, and culture.  My book, Insane Passions: Lesbianism and Psychosis in Literature and Film, was published in December 2006 by Wesleyan University Press.  I have also published scholarly articles on queer theory, Franz Kafka's The Trial, James Joyce's Ulysses and Virginia Woolf's Orlando.  After receiving the A.B. in Comparative Literature from Cornell University in 1994 and the Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Southern California in 2001, I taught from 2001-2003 at the University of California, Santa Cruz and from 2003-2005 at California State University, Bakersfield before moving to Fairbanks in Fall 2005. For descriptions of my current courses and research projects--as well as my curriculum vitae and contact information--please see my web page at:


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