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New Books and Works Published by UAF Faculty

  • Chris Coffman, Associate Professor of English, recently published an article entitled "The Migrating Look: Visual Economies of Queer Desire in The Book of Salt" in Texas Studies in Literature and Language 56.2 (Summer 2014).  Her new article on Gertrude Stein's The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas is forthcoming in the winter 2014 issue of Arizona Quarterly.  She has been recently elected Secretary of the International Comparative Literature Associations Gender Studies Committee.
  • Jennifer Schell, Assistant Professor of English, has a new book through the University of Massachusetts Press, entitled A Bold and Hardy Race of Men:  The Lives and Literature of American Whalemen, focusing on masculinity in American whaling literature.
  • Daryl Farmer, Assistant Professor of English, has a new short story published in the Summer 2013 issue of  The Whitefish Review titled "Where We Land" and his book Bicycling beyond the Divide was release in paperback in December, 2012.
  • Gerri Brightwell, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, has a new publication: her short story "North" has just been published in Conte (Vol 9 issue 1).  Upcoming publications include her short stories "Sunk" (Redivider fall, 2013), "His Good Fortune" (Fiction Southwest, fall 2013), "Lagniappe" (Los Angeles Review, November 2013), and "Beast" (Gargoyle, summer 2014).
  • Derick Burleson, Associate Professor of English, has recently had two books of poems published: 

2015-16 Writing Contests winners are here

Due to illness of editor of this page the winners will be slowly filled out.

The English department would like to announce that the 2015-16 writing contests winners are as follows.   Information on the contests can be found in the English Dept. 850 Gruening Building.
The  2015-16 writing contest are:
Harold McCracken Poetry Endowment
E.L. Bartlett Prize for Literary Criticism
Minnie E. Wells Award for Litereary Criticism
First: "Mysterious God of the Heart: Passion and The Pan Motif in Knut Hamsun's Pan." by  Danny Dyer
Second: "Morrison's Sethe, Kristeva's Mary: (re)Constructing the Feminine Identity through the Bible." by  Daniel Nero
Third: "Facets of Chaucer: The Clerk of Oxenford and the Nun's Priest's Tale." by  Jenny Dale
Northern Lights Essay Contest: Undergraduate Division:
First: "Aves" by Jessica Herzog
Second: "From Alaska to New York..." by Joseph Bifelt
Third: "Miss Goody-Two-Shoes Goes to a Bar" by Doreen Simmonds
Northern Lights Essay Contest: Graduate Division
Farthest North Fiction Contest
First : "New Home" - great story, polished believable characters, comprehensible
by Julianna Bibb.
Honorable Mention: "Here, Meet in Freedom" by Craig Sanders
Honorable Mention: ""Leaving Centralia" by Sarah Small.
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