Degree Requirements

  •  Teaching Assistantships. The department offers graduate teaching assistantships, which are awarded on the basis of merit. Duties include the teaching of one freshman composition section per semester, and tutoring in the Writing Center. The stipend of $11,955 per academic year also carries a waiver of tuition. M.A.'s may receive up to two years of financial support through this program. To apply for a teaching assistantship, include the following application
  • Degree Requirements:

    • Comply with UAF degree requirements.
    • Pass a written comprehensive examination, based on a standardized reading list; examination to be taken no later than student's fourth semester of work. Examination will be held on the Saturday ending the fourth full week of classes.
    • Pass an oral defense of thesis (Students may advance to candidacy when their advisory committee deems that they have made satisfactory progress in both academic and writing areas.).
  • Course Requirements (30 Credits) (See Course Descriptions): Complete a minimum of 30 approved credits on the 600 level, distributed as follows:
    • Required Courses (6 Credits) 
      ENGL 601: Bibliography, Methods, and Criticism (3 Credits) 
      ENGL 685: Teaching College Composition (for Teaching Assistants, or if planning to teach) (3 Credits) 
      Extra 600-level course if student does not take ENGL 685 
    • Electives (18 Credits)

      To maximize breadth of study, M.A. students and their advisors will draft individualized courses of study with the following program requirements in mind. The advisor will direct students to courses covering the required areas, subject to particular exemptions based upon undergraduate coursework. Exemptions and any subsequent revisions of the course of study must have the agreement of the advisor and department head. Plans can be revised to substitute an appropriate seminar for one of the courses listed below.

      • Choose three courses (9 Credits): 
        ENGL 603: Studies in British Literature: Old and Middle English 
        ENGL 604: Studies in British Literature: Renaissance & 17th Century 
        ENGL 606: Studies in British Literature: Restoration & 18th Century 
        ENGL 607: Studies in British Literature: 19th Century 
      • Choose one course (3 Credits): 
        ENGL 609: Early American Literature 
        ENGL 611: Nineteenth Century American Literature 
        ENGL 612: Studies in American Literature: 20th Century 
      • Choose one course (3 Credits): 
        ENGL 608: Studies in British Literature: 20th Century 
        ENGL 614: Studies in Comparitive Literature
        ENGL 615: Contemporary Literature 
        A seminar in contemporary or comparative literature 
    • Thesis (6 Credits): 
      ENGL 699: Thesis 
  • Note: The English Department requires that a student receive a grade of "A" or "B" for all 600-level courses that the student wishes to apply toward this degree program.


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