Field Safety

Working in the field has a unique set of challenges and risks. At Outdoor Adventures we recognize those hazards and have worked with researchers on campus to compile a menu of training's that will give you the tools, tips and tricks to help mitigate some of the risk associated with field work. Currently we are offering courses in basic field safety, wilderness medicine, glacier travel and crevasse rescue, swift water rescue and new this spring small aircraft (fixed wing and helicopter safety). 

Current Course Offerings: 
Field Safety 101
This is a seven hour course designed to give students and introduction to the concepts and techniques of being comfortable in the backcountry.  We will cover clothing systems, tents, stoves, water treatment, bear safety, minimizing impact, student rights, communication and other topics for maintaining comfort and safety in the backcountry. The course will be presented as a mixture of lecture and hands-on with the class happening both inside and outside.
Cost: Sponsored by UAF VC for Research
When: March 21: 9am-4pm
Where: Murie 301
Wilderness First Aid
Working in the field will expose you to hazards and situations different than in urban areas. Prepare yourself to better handle some of those medical emergencies by taking this 20 hr course. Over those 20 hrs you will cover topics such as, the critical systems, incident management, wound cleaning and much more. Course fees include textbook, certification and instruction. (CPR not included in this training)
Cost: Sponsored by UAF VC for Research
When: March 26 and 27; 8am-5pm

Where: Murie 301 

Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue 
This is a seven hour introduction to the concepts and techniques of safely traveling on a glacier.  The course will present the general principles of glacier travel including; route choices, anatomy of crevasses, safety and rescue gear, rope work and knots, self rescue, partner rescue, anchor basics, haul systems, camp selection and gear management.  The course will be presented as a mixture of lecture and hands-on with most of the class happening indoors.  If weather permits some of the hands-on lessons will be outside.                                                                                                                                                               
Cost Sponsored by UAF VC for Research  
Date: March 22 9am-5pm
Where: Outdoor Adventures
ATV/Snow Machine Safety
Learn the basics of riding technique as well as field repair tactics. Getting stuck in the wilderness due to a simple error is costly.

Cost: Sponsored by UAF VC for Research

Where: Student Recreation Center & Facilities Services, Bay W10

When: March 28, 9am - 4pm

Remote Worker Water Safety
If your full-time and/or seasonal personnel use any kind of watercraft (pack rafts, sea kayaks, canoes, rafts, jet, or prop boats) to travel in remote areas and wilderness settings to accomplish their work, you should consider Alaska Rescue’s Remote Worker Safety Training Program.
This 40-hour course addresses the specific problems encountered when working on, over, or adjacent to water. It is designed to meet and exceed the industrial requirements of OSHA 1926.106. Our program provides the essential knowledge and hands-on skills (recognizing and avoiding hazards, self and companion rescue techniques, injury management, and survival) to allow your employees to travel and perform their work in small groups in remote settings safely and effectively.
Cost: $TBD                                                                                                                                                                                                                
When: TBD but likely May
Where: UAF and Chena River

Safety Lunch! - 2 hr topic specific session for field researchers: Open lectures, no advance sign-up required. Sessions are Wednesdays, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

March 21 - Avalanche safety - Murie #107

March 28 - Winter Clothing systems and hypothermia - Murie #107

April 4 - Emergency communication devices - Murie #107

April 11 - Field navigation, maps and compass - Murie #107

April 18 - Field Safety 101 rapid fire - Murie #107

April 25 - Incident command - Murie #107

May 2 - Bear Safety - Murie #330

Future Programs
Outdoor Adventures has worked with UAF researchers and campus risk management to create a menu of programs that will help UAF's researchers accomplish their work in the safest manner possible. Some courses are instructed by our professional staff and others are contracted out to reputable organizations that we have worked with over the years. We are constantly striving to offer useful trainings to the UAF community, if you have ideas or training needs that are not met with the current offerings feel free to contact us. Likely future courses include:
  • Title IX field safety specific
  • Bear Safety and Firearm Safety
  • Aviation Safety
Contact us:
Phone: 907-474-6027
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