DRAW Advisory Committee

DRAW Advisory Committee Members Top Row- Serena McCormick, Gregg Christopher, Grant Cummings, Zach Wright, Donald Orzech Bottom Row- Adam McComb, Kelsey Lindahl, Michelle Klaben

DRAW formed the DRAW Advisory Committee (DAC) in the Fall semester of 2014.

In an effort to be more inclusive of the student and members, DRAW will be convening an Advisory Committee. This committee will have many benefits to all involved. To name a few:

  1. DRAW will make better informed decisions about spending and policy.
  2. DRAW will develop student staff into pre-professional roles.
  3. DRAW will become more transparent with regards to decision making.
  4. Students will have the opportunity to apply and be given more meaningful feedback compared to the job interview process.
  5. Student members will build their resume.
  6. Student will gain valuable experience of managing a meeting and working with a committee.

This site will be updated regularly with minutes, agendas, and by-laws. DAC meetings are open meetings and have public comment times.

Comments: Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting or leave a comment addressed to the DAC in the SRC comment box. You may also contact the DRAW Director at mtoldmixon@alaska.edu.


Committee Framework and Purpose

October 22 Agenda

October 23, 2014 DAC Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2014 DAC Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2014 DAC Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2014 DAC Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2015 DAC Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2015 DAC Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2015 DAC Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2015 DAC Meeting Minutes

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