Student Staff

Outdoor Adventures

Some OA staff at the climbing wall during New Student Orientation

Adam McComb

Angel Rocks

Adam began working with Outdoor Adventures in 2012. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering. Adam is enthusiastic about everything outdoors and has experence in rock climbing, biking, skiing, backpacking, rafting and kayaking. Any day he spends in the wilderness, with a good challenge, is a great day for him.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness First Aid, Level 1 Avalanche

Michelle Klaben

Harding Ice Field

A communications major hailing from the Kenai Peninsula, Michelle began employment  with Outdoor Adventures in the Fall of 2011. She is an avid Nordic Skiier and loves Alaskan winters, even here in Fairbanks. Michelle likes to get off campus and outside whenever she can, be it biking, hiking, or skiing.

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid, Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Wilderness First Responder

Completed: Introduction to Wilderness Leadership

Dakota Reimann-Kershner

Jack River

Dakota has worked as a member of the climbing wall staff since the fall of 2012. Once a Texan through and through, Dakota is slowly learning the Alaskan way. He loves finding adventure in the outdoors and hopes his future geology degree will allow him to spend more time in the wilderness. When not working Dakota spends his time rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, boating, and grilling. 

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor-Lead Certified, Swift Water Rescue Technician

Kailyn Davis

Kailyn has worked as a member of the climbing wall staff since 2012. Beyond work, Kailyn is an accomplished student, musician, and an avid musher. She is always up for any adventure and doesn't sit still for very long. 

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor

Christian Mogensen

Silvertip Peak, Delta Mtns

Christian has worked as a member of the climbing wall staff since the spring of 2013. Hailing from Denmark, Christian speaks fluent Danish and eats them too. He is a master's student in the Northern Studies program and will conduct research on high latitude thrill seeking. Christian likes spending much time outside climbing and mountaineering.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor, Swift Water Rescue Technician

Sophia Walling-Bell

Institute Peak, Delta Mtns

Sophia has worked as a member of the climbing wall staff since the winter of 2014. As a life long Alaskan, she enjoys getting out and adventuring whenever possible, whether that's backpacking, climbing, kayaking, mountaineering or simply laying in the sun. In the rest of her spare time, she's known to bake, doodle, and learn foreign languages.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, Swift Water Rescue Technician, PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor-Lead Certified

Patrick Terhune

Pat has worked as a member of the climbing wall staff since the winter of 2014.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor-Lead Certified

Patty Ice Arena

Erin Winters

Erin was born and raised in Fairbanks where she grew up playing hockey.  She graduated from UAF in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration.  She is currently finishing up prerequisite classes for dental school.  In her free time Erin enjoys traveling, fishing, and being outdoors.  

Intramural Referees

Brent Culleton

My name is Brent Culleton. This is my fourth year at UAF. I am persuing a bachelor's degree in forestry. A few hobbies I have are fishing, cutting down trees with my axe, and spending time at the gym. This is my fourth year helping out our intermural program. 

My name is Connor

My major in school is Paramedicine.
I have 2 years in college and plan on 2 more.
I have only been reffing for 1 year at the is point.
I love Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and snow machining.

Ethan Trickey

My name is Ethan Trickey and I’m a junior studying mining engineering. This is my second year at UAF and also my second year refereeing. I ref Hockey, Volleyball and flag football and I’m also an active player in the leagues. In my free time in the winter I like to go ridding in the mountains and play hockey. 

Grant Cummings

My name is Grant Cummings and I'm currently a Petroleum Engineering
student. This is my second year working for the SRC. I enjoy bowling,
Ping Pong, slack lining, kayaking, fencing, running, tennis, long
boarding and volleyball. If you have any questions regarding any of
the IM sports don't hesitate to ask me around campus, I'm relatively
nice once I've had coffee!

Kegan Bowman

Kelsey Lindahl

Hey there! My name is Kelsey and I'm a sophomore studying Geological Engineering up

here at UAF.  I love to play volleyball, be outdoors, and jam with friends.  I have
been refereeing for four years, one of which has been with DRAW. Hope you guys have
a killer year!

Luke Foster

Megan Lasselle

Raleigh Bartholomew

Raleigh Bartholomew is a Senior studying Music Education with a minor in Psychology at the University of Alaska: Fairbanks. Raleigh has been officiating both soccer and volleyball professionally throughout most of his adult life. He was first certified for soccer in 2007 where he officiated regional and state tournaments and has been employed by UAF Intramurals, FSA, FYSA, as well as Juneau Recreation and Competitive soccer clubs. In addition to his soccer certifications, Raleigh has been certified as a Volleyball referee through ASAA and USA Volleyball as Referee 1 and Referee 2 for middle and high school, as well as line judged for UAF Women's Volleyball since 2008. Raleigh enjoys running, competitive soccer and volleyball, performing music, and reading.

Sadabius Nelson

 I have a younger brother, Shon. I've been all over due to the fact that my mom is active duty Military, I've lived in Belgium and South Korea. I enjoy meeting new people, music, and playing basketball. I am currently a psychology major, but I plan on changing it to biological sciences starting Fall 2015.

Taylor Roth

My name is Taylor Roth. I am a Junior, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  I have been playing sports for just about all of my life. I can play most sports, but my favorite are soccer and basketball. I have been a referee and supervisor for UAF intramurals for about a year now. Some of my hobbies include: fishing, hiking, the outdoors, and working on cars. 

Terrence Holmes

Hello, my name is Terrence Holmes and I am a sophomore here at UAF. My major is journalism & when I'm not hitting the books I like to spend my free time playing basketball and listening to music. This will be my second year being a referee.

SRC Membership Services

Raleigh Bartholomew

Picture of Raleigh Bartholomew

Raleigh is a Senior at UAF studying Music Education with a minor in Psychology. Raleigh is excited to be a part of the DRAW team and has been working at the SRC desk for a combined 6 semesters before taking a year off to work in Washington, DC. In addition to working in Membership Services at the front desk, Raleigh works as an intramural official, as a camp counselor at UAF Recreation Camp, and coaches volleyball at Lathrop High School. Raleigh enjoys music, singing, running, volleyball, Seattle sports teams, and anything involving theatrics and being on stage. Raleigh is also looking forward to student teaching this spring and hopes to be a music teacher and a coach when he grows up.

Kegan Bowman

Picture of Kegan Bowman

My name is Kegan Bowman. To start, I am a sophomore in college and am currently working towards getting a bachelors degree in emergency management, an associates degree in fire science, and another associates degree in paramedicine. I hope to work as a paramedic and fire fighter at a fire department in the future. I am a very outdoorsy person and I believe that is why I was so attracted to UAF. I love to hunt, fish, hike, snowboard, and pretty much do anything that gets me outside. Along those same lines, I am a very active person and play multiple intramural sports which include hockey, volleyball, and broomball. Along with my duties of working at the front desk of the SRC I referee the intramural sports. Well, that is a pretty much me in a nutshell!

Kaitlyn Evans

Kaitlyn is a senior here at UAF seeking a Bachelors in Justice and a minor in Law and Society. This is Kaitlyn's second semester working at Membership Services but is her fourth year working at the SRC, as she has worked as a camp counselor in the past three summers. She was born and raised in Fairbanks, and has spent quite some time living on the east coast and midwest before returning to Fairbanks last fall. Within the next couple years Kaitlyn plans on going to law school and pursuing a legal career or maybe a career in politics. Aside from her studies, Kaitlyn enjoys being outdoors as much as possible and traveling to different places in Alaska and around the world.

Serena McCormick

Serena  was born and raised in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She has spent a few years in Southeast Alaska and currently lives on the Kenai Peninsula when she is not in Fairbanks for school. She is pursuing a degree in Petroleum Engineering and plans on traveling upon her graduation. In her spare time she enjoys doing outside activities and loves photography. Serena has been a part of the wonderful DRAW staff since spring semester 2013.

Sadabius Nelson

I have a younger brother, Shon. I've been all over due to the fact that my mom is active duty Military, I've lived in Belgium and South Korea. I enjoy meeting new people, music, and playing basketball. I am currently a psychology major, but I plan on changing it to biological sciences starting Fall 2015

Taylor Roth

Picture of Taylor Roth

My name is Taylor Roth. I am a Junior, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.   I have been working at the SRC for about a year now as a front desk attendant and an Intramural supervisor. Some of my hobbies include: fishing, hiking, the outdoors, and working on cars. I also love playing sports and being in the gym.

Jaime Sawchuk

Picture of Jaime Sawchuk

Jaime is currently a Graduate Student in the Counseling Program.  She was born and raised in Alaska, but decided to play four years of collegiate soccer in New Mexico. Some of her hobbies include: hiking, kayaking, and eating sushi.

Linsey Trimmer

Linsey has been working with DRAW front desk staff since May of 2012. She was born in Texas and raised in Alaska. She is currently studying Business Administration and Welding. Linsey enjoys the outdoors as well as working on her fitness, anytime she can spend working out or being outdoors is time well spent.

SRC Facility Supervisor

Presley Coryell

Presley is from Texas, but spent a couple of years in Anchorage when she was little and just recently moved back to Alaska. Even with the 140 degree temperature difference from her original home, Presley has come to love Alaska and all of it's opportunities for adventure.


Anthony Reese

Anthony was born and raised in the Northwest. From Bellingham, Washington he grew up surrounded by sports. He is an experienced bus driver since he comes from a family of 17+ and his parents own an old airport shuttle bus.  He learned how to swim at a young age but became interested in Lifeguarding as a senior in High School, got certified then guarded that whole summer. Originally went to college to play football but then followed his passion and transferred to UAF to become a member of the Men's basketball team. Enjoys doing outdoor activities, working out, and reading his bible or doing bible studies in his free time. If he was able to play one sport he never has it would be Quidditch since he is an avid fan of Harry Potter and Co. 

Rachel Lasota

Rachel has lived in Fairbanks her entire life. Many merely adopt the cold and dark. Rachel was born in it, molded by it. She didn't feel sun until she went to Hawaii and discovered how cool lifeguards are, causing her to pursue the vallent skill of lifesaving. Rachel learned to swim at Patty when the diving boards still towered overhead and the pool was stockpiled with swim noodles. She enjoys playing soccer and sailing when she is not questing as a champion of Azeroth. Rachels most prized possession his her katana that has slain many flying fruit. From her lifetime in Fairbanks Rachel is always sure of one thing, "Winter is Coming."


Lindsey Krause

Lindsey is from Kent, Washington.  She came up to UAF three years ago and joined the UAF swim team.  She has been competing on her club swim team since she was in 7th grade.  She has also lifeguard the past two summers back in Washington at an outdoor water park as well as at the beach.  As well as loving to swim she also has a passion to show dogs.  She currently has an 11 year old yellow lab named Tucker.  She has has him since he was 6 weeks old and she was 10.  She competed in 4H with him for 8 years and went to many fairs and got many ribbons.  

Bente Heller

Bente is from Hamburg, Germany. She came up to Fairbanks to join the UAF swim team 4 years ago. She always had a passion for swimming and has been competing for her club team since 5th grade. She decided to make her love of swimming more than just counting laps, now she wants to help save lives. She also enjoys doing triathlon, mountain biking and running. 


Kristina Miller

Kristina was born and raised in Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean, where a couple of her friends included: The Little Mermaid, Patrick the Starfish, and Jaws. As Kristina grew up she found she had a skill for fishing, aka, she could wipe the floor with Jaws. So, she decided to study Fisheries at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and also get a minor in Communication, so she could better communicate with Patrick the Starfish and all other fish. After Graduating in August 2014, she had no idea what she would do with her life… But, then she thought to herself, ”I will teach other adults to swim, so they can outrun the zombie apocalypse!” From that day forward, she has been dedicated to teaching her fellow human beings to out-swim the zombies, because she personally believes that the only way that people will be safe is to swim to an oil drilling rig that will be based somewhere out of Homer, Alaska. Please feel free to ask her about her training techniques and strategies whenever you see her around the pool. But, be careful as she may think you are a zombie and try to put a Harry Potter-like spell on you.

Kristina is a certified Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, and a certified Aquacise Instructor/ Trainer.

Martha Hood

Martha lives in North Pole Alaska. She has been a life guard at the Patty Pool since 2013 and a guard for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Pools since 2012. Martha has been competitive swimming since she was five years old and performs Scottish Highland Dancing with the Fairbanks Red Hackle Pipe Band. Martha graduated from IDEA home school in May 2014 and will be swimming for UAF while studying psychology. In her spare time she likes to read anything from Jane Austen to Harry Potter and hang out with her friends and family. 

Rebecca Gever

Beca Gever, originally from Orange County, California, has been lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons since 2008. She moved to Fairbanks in Spring 2014 and loves to swim and lifeguard when she's not hiking, biking, rock climbing or singing opera. After a few years spent traveling the world, Beca is starting the Masters of Music degree at UAF in Fall 2014.

Robert Burns

 My name is Robert Burns, I am currently pursuing a degree for electrical engineering. previously; I served in the military for 5 1/2 years as a radar technician. before that i was a lifeguard for the last 2years of my high school career. I enjoy reading, basketball, hiking, swimming and skim-boarding.

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