Welcome to DRAW

It is our mission to provide the university community with opportunities and facilities to lead active, healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation on campus and out in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska.


DRAW will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. The SRC will be open 10am-10pm on Friday. Come visit us!!

Join the challenge and create a routine!


  • Bike 49 miles in one month, in or outside 
  • Run 49 miles in one month, in or outside 
  • Swim 49 laps in the  Patty Pool in one month 
  • Skate 49 laps in the Patty Ice Arena in one month 
  • Climb 49 routes in one month on the UAF Climbing Walls 
  • Ski 49 km before finals on the campus trails 
  • Lift your 60% max for 49 reps of squats, deadlifts, or bench in one workout


  • Complete 2 challenges – T-shirt 
  • Complete 3 challenges – Hat 
  • Complete 4 challenges – Hat and sweatshirt 
  • Complete 5 challenges – $60 gift card and shirt 
  • Complete all – Sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat, gift card

TO ENTER a challenge, you must sign your name on a vacant line of the challenge poster.  Then, log your progress in the provided space, including: time, date, and what you achieved. Remember to snap a selfie or have a friend record video of your participation, then post on social media using the hashtag #49fit.

WINNERS will be announced during finals week! 

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