Publications by graduate students in Mathematics and Statistics

The following are peer-reviewed journal articles and reviewed conference proceedings of which at least one (co-)author is/was a graduate student in a DMS graduate program.  The work was completed, in part or in total, while the (co-)author was a student.   There is an attempt to keep this list complete for works since 2000.  Only papers which have appeared in print in their final versions are listed here; this simplifies webpage maintenance.  Papers are listed in reverse chronological order (and then randomly within the year).   Graduate student authors are in bold red.


  • Harris, Matthew, D. Nicolsky, E. Pelinovsky, and A. Rybkin (2015). Runup of nonlinear long waves in trapezoidal bays: 1-d analytical theory and 2-d numerical computations. Pure and Applied Geophysics 172, 885–899, doi: 10.1007/s00024-014-1016-3.


  • Odile Bastille and A. Rybkin (2012). On the determinant formula in the inverse scattering procedure with a partially known steplike potential.  Inverse Problems 28 (3), doi:10.1088/0266-5611/28/3/035001


  • S. Avdonin and Victor Mikhaylov (2010). The boundary control approach to inverse spectral theory. Inverse Problems 26 (4), 045009.
  • S. Avdonin and Anna Bulanova (2010).  Boundary control approach to the spectral estimation problem. The case of multiple poles, Math. Contr. Sign. Syst., doi 10.1007/s00498-010-0052-5.
  • S. Avdonin, G. Leugering and Victor Mikhaylov (2010). On an inverse problem for tree-like networks of elastic strings, Zeit. Angew. Math. Mech. 90 (2), 136--150.


  • S. Avdonin, Anna Bulanova and Dimitry Nicolsky (2009). Boundary control approach to the spectral estimation problem.  The case of simple poles , Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing 8 (2009), no. 3, 225--248.
  • E. Bueler and Jed Brown (2009). The shallow shelf approximation as a "sliding law" in a thermomechanically coupled ice sheet model , J. Geophys. Res. 114 , F03008, doi:10.1029/2008JF001179.
  • E. A. Butcher, M. Sari, E. Bueler, and Tim Carlson (2009). Magnus' expansion for time-periodic systems: parameter-dependent approximations, Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simulat. 14 , 4226--4245.


  • S. Avdonin and Victor Mikhailov (2008). Controllability of partial differential equations on graphs , Appl. Math. 35 , 379--393.
  • S. Avdonin, Anna Bulanova  and D. Ovsyannikov (2008). Optimal cubature formulae related to solutions of initial boundary value problems, Vestnik St. Petersburg Univ., no. 2, 108--118.


  • S. Avdonin, Anna Bulanova, and W. Moran (2007).  Construction of sampling and interpolating sequences for multi-band signals.  The two band case ,  Int. J. Appl. Math. Comput. Sci. 17 (2), 143--156.
  • S. Avdonin, Victor Mikhaylov, and A. Rybkin (2007).  The Boundary Control Approach to the Titchmarsh-Weyl m−Function. I. The Response Operator and the A−Amplitude, Commun. Math. Phys. 275 , 791--803.
  • E. Bueler, C. Lingle, and Jed Brown (2007). Fast computation of a viscoelastic deformable earth model for ice flow simulations, Ann. Glaciol. 46 , 97--105.
  • E. Bueler, Jed Brown, and C. Lingle (2007).  Exact solutions to the thermomechanically coupled shallow ice approximation: effective tools for verification, J. Glaciol. 53 (182), 499-516.



  • Viktoria Averina, I. Kolmanovsky, A. Gibson, Gary Song, and Ed Bueler (2005).   Analysis and Control of Delay-Dependent Behavior of Engine Air-To-Fuel Ratio.   IEEE Conference on Control Applications, August 2005, Toronto, Canada.
  • Ed Bueler, Craig Lingle, Jed Brown, David Covey, and Latrice Bowman (2005).   Exact solutions and the verification of numerical models for isothermal ice sheets.   J. Glaciol. 51 (173), 291—306.
  • Haitao Ma, Venkatesh Deshmukh, Eric Butcher, and Victoria Averina   (2005). Delayed State Feedback And Chaos Control For Time-Periodic Systems Via a Symbolic Approach.   Comm. Nonlinear Sci. Num. Sim., 10 no. 5, 479—497.


  • Thomas, D.L., Colleen Iannuzi, and R. Barry (2004). A Bayesian Multinomial Model for Analyzing Categorical Habitat Selection Data ,   J. Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 9 , 432-442.
  • Belov, Sergei and Rybkin, A.   (2004)   On the existence of WKB-type asymptotics for the generalized eigenvectors of discrete string operators. Bull. London Math. Soc. 36 no. 2, 241--251.
  • Belov, S. M., Avdonina, N. B., Felfli, Z., Marletta, M., Msezane, A. Z., and Naboko, S. N. (2004).   Semiclassical approach to Regge poles trajectories calculations for nonsingular potentials: Thomas-Fermi type. J. Phys. A   37 no. 27, 6943--6954.
  • E. A. Butcher, H. Ma, E. Bueler, Viktoria Averina, and Z. Szabo (2004).   Stability of time-periodic delay-differential equations via Chebyshev polynomials. Int. J. Numerical Methods in Engineering 59 no. 7,   895—922.


  • Belov, S. M. and Rybkin, A. V. (2003).   Higher order trace formulas of the Buslaev-Faddeev-type for the half-line Schrödinger operator with long-range potentials, J. Math. Phys. 44 no. 7, 2748--2761.


  • Avdonina, N. B., Belov, S., Felfli, Z., Msezane, A. Z., and Naboko, S. N. (2002). Semiclassical approach for calculating Regge-pole trajectories for singular potentials, Phys. Rev. A (3) 66 no. 2, 022713, 7 pp.



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