The MATH BRIDGE PROGRAM's Pre-Semester Prep

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Math Bridge Program are pleased to offer the Pre-Semester Prep again for Summer and Fall 2014. This program is designed to help students achieve success in their introductory math courses.

Participating students will receive:

  • intensive, individualized review of prerequisite material for the course in which he/she is enrolled
  • guidance on all aspects of getting through a math course at the college level, including: how to study for tests, strategies for getting homework done, and how to get the most out of lecture.

Students who complete the entire program can qualify for a $100 credit to their Student Account and the chance to win some great prizes.

We will hold several Pre-Semester Prep Sessions throughout the summer to catch all newly registering students for Summer and Fall.  The application periods will occur in Rounds and will be detailed below.


Any student enrolled in the following for Summer or Fall 2014 is eligible:
MATH 107 Functions for Calculus,
MATH 161 Algebra for Business and Economics,
MATH 200
Calculus I,
MATH 262
Calculus for Business and Economics, or                                                                  MATH 272 Calculus for Life Sciences   

CostFREE. Students who complete the entire program can qualify for a $100 credit to your Student Account.
WhenThe time is FLEXIBLE! Scroll down to see dates for an Orientation or go straight to the application link below.
WhereUAF campus and online.
HowFill out the brief online applicationThe Round 1 Summer and Fall 2014 application will close April 30th.  The Round 2 application will open at that time.

Orientation Meetings

Orientations located in Murie target B&W students, orientations located in Bunnell target SOM students, but students are welcome to attend whichever orientation time works best for them.

Session 1: Thursday, May 1, 3:30-5:30pm - Murie 105

Session 2: Thursday, May 1, 6-8pm - Bunnell 111

Session 3: Friday, May 2, 4-6pm - Bunnell 111

Session 4: Friday, May 2, 6:30-8:30pm - Murie 105

Session 5: Saturday, May 3, 12-2pm - Chapman 106

If you are unable to attend any of these orientations, please indicate this in the application.

Pre-Semester Prep

Students must participate in all three parts:

Part I: Orientation Meeting

The Orientation Meeting is an introduction to the Pre-Semester Prep (PSP). We will begin with a brief (15 minute) description of the ALEKS assessment, The Math Bridge Program and the PSP. Then, participants will jump right into that assessment, usually taking between an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Upon completion, students will meet one-on-one with a Math Bridge adviser to go over the scores and develop a strategy for strengthening prerequisite skills over their break, before the beginning of their next semester.

Part II: Online Prerequisite Work
Over their break, students are expected to steadily work on their prerequisite skills using the ALEKS program. All students will leave the Orientation with a specific plan and specific benchmarks to help stay on track. Math tutoring will be available through DMS, though on a limited basis. Math Bridge advisers will contact students by email to help address any problems. The goal for all students is to master at least 85% of the prerequisite material and score at least 75% on the Final Assessment by the beginning of their next semester. Students who achieve these goals will be very well prepared for their upcoming math courses!
Part III: Ramp-up Meeting
Before the semester drop date, all students will meet with a Math Bridge adviser to ensure that the student's math course is going smoothly and to prepare for the semester. The course syllabus, access to solutions, test preparation, and outside resources will all be discussed.
We encourage all PSP participants to keep in touch during the semester. We are here to help.

Student Account Credit

In order to earn the $100 Student Account Credit, a student must:

  1. Register for Math 107, Math 161, Math 200, Math 262, or Math 272 at UAF for Summer or Fall 2014
  2. Complete the Pre-Semester Prep, including: attending an Orientation Meeting, completing at least 85% of the Online Prerequisite Work, passing a Final Assessment, and attending a Ramp-up Meeting
  3. Pass his/her math course

Contact Information

Katie Harrison
Phone: +1 907 474 7605 
Office: Chapman Hall, 306A             .