UAF Core Curriculum in Mathematics

The goals of the mathematics core curriculum are to ensure that students develop basic numeracy skills, are able to employ problem solving strategies, can communicate mathematical concepts, and are able to construct and evaluate mathematical arguments.

New guidelines have been developed for all core math courses starting Fall 2014. Instructors can find information about syllabus structure, required topics, timing, and assessment criteria.

Core Mathematics assessment procedures memo.

Deadlines for 2015-16 course materials to be sent to

Sept. 18, 2015: Fall syllabi due

Jan. 29, 2016: Fall blank final exam due
                        Fall graded final exams due (fulltime DMS faculty excepted)
                        Spring syllabi due

July 15, 2015: Summer syllabi due

Sept. TBD, 2016: Spring and summer blank final exam due
                             Spring and summer graded final exams due (fulltime DMS faculty excepted)
                             Fall 2016 syllabi due

Guidlines beginning FALL 2014:

  • Math 103 Concepts and Contemporary Applications of Mathematics (rev. S14)
  • Math 107 Functions for Calculus (rev. S14)
  • Math 161 Algebra for Business and Economics (rev. S14)
  • syllabus guidelines for all calculus courses (Math 200, 201, 202, 262, 272)
  • topics and timing for Math 251, Math 252, & Math 253 Calculus I, II, & III (rev. S15)
  • topics, timing, and assessment for Math 262 Calculus for Business and Economics (rev. S11)
  • topics, timing, and assessment for Math 272 Calculus for Life Sciences (rev. F07)
  • Stat 200 Elementary Probability and Statistics (rev. F08)
For a list of the current semester texts, click here.
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