Disability Related Residential Accommodations


Documentation will be required in order to fairly and equitably evaluate disability related requests. The ADA and ADAAA are laws designed to provide equal access.

Students must provide documentation that specifically addresses the need for an accessible residence. For information regarding adequate documentation contact the UAF Disability Services office at uaf-disabilityservices@alaska.edu or (907) 474-5655. Please be aware that a diagnosis in and of itself does not automatically make a student eligible. Requests are determined on a case-by-case basis by UAF Disability Services.

Accommodation recommendations are not location specific. Housing locations will be determined based on availability. Accommodations can be provided in various settings.

UAF Disability Services and Residence Life work collaboratively to determine reasonable and appropriate solutions to requests. Some disabilities may not necessitate specific accommodation.


Time frame for New Incoming Students

A new student who is seeking a disability related accommodation must provide documentation to UAF Disability Servicesprior to June 15th for the fall semester. Spring semester requests should be made by December 1. It is crucial that students expecting to be accommodated request housing assignments in a timely manner. Late requests may result in limited availability or denial of request. Requests are responded to on a first come, first served basis. Those missing deadlines will be placed on a waiting list with all other students who have missed deadlines.  


Returning Students

Follow all deadlines established by Residence Life. Disability related requests will be responded to on a first come, first served basis. If your disability status changes please inform the Disability Services office in a timely manner.

Retraction of Request:

If a student would like to retract their original disability related request, the student must inform the UAF Disability Services office.

Service Animals

As defined by ADA, service animals are dogs or miniature horses trained to perform a specific task and are welcome.

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