Laura McCollough

Dean of Students

Laura C. McCollough has served as Dean of Students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks since March 2016. The Office of the Dean of Students maintains the Submit a Concern reporting option and also manages the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).  UAF encourages reporting-See Something, Say Something, Do Something. As the Dean of Students, Ms. McCollough serves the UAF community by encouraging the ideals of free speech, friendly discourse, and community involvement. She is a strong proponent of students' rights and continues to create opportunities for university collaborative efforts.   She recently completed Green Dot trainers Training and looks forward to increased opportunities to participate in this program. 

McCollough has worked at UAF since 2001, primarily in campus housing. She was previously the Director of the Department of Residence Life at UAF, where she strived to make students feel at home, supported, and cared about. She has a track record of helping students and advocating for effective policies and transparency in the administration. Ms. McCollough is dedicated to serving the students of UAF, and works hard to ensure that they have quality out of classroom learning experiences at UAF. 

 Kaydee Van Flein

Conduct Coordinator and Operations Manager

Kaydee has worked for UAF for 5 years. Her past job was the Assistant Director of Wellness at the SRC. She has a passion for student development and helping our student's succeed both in and out of the classroom. When she is not here in the Dean of Students office you can find her teaching Anatomy & Physiology for the Biology department. She loves being active, enjoys everything from Hot Yoga to biking, and if the weather is right, experiencing the beautiful outdoors. The Dean of Students would like to welcome Kaydee Van Flein and thank her for being a part of our team. 

 Corbin Sandgren

Office Intern

Corbin is a new intern from the Justice Department and will be assisting the Dean of Students office. She is looking forward to to the opportunity of receiving real life experience in her field of student. She will be assisting with investigative work along with assisting students with any questions they may have. Our office is excited to work with Corbin and we are happy she has joined our team.

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