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Scholarship Announcements!


Education Northwest Launches Scholarship Program for Native Graduate Students


Gates Millennium Scholars Program 2016



Nunaput Stewardship Through Science: Scholar Program

Visit the UAF Bristol Bay Campus website for more information.

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Apply for UA scholarships

Follow these basic steps to apply for scholarships.

For more detailed instructions, please contact the UAF Financial Aid Office.

  1. Login to UAOnline
  2. Select Student Services and Account Information
  3. Select Scholarships
  4. Complete steps 1-5 of the scholarship application

UA Scholarship applications are due by February 15th.


Financial Aid Resources

Financial Aid - Paying for College


The University of Alaska Foundation provides scholarships, grants, and awards to UA students.

Foundation deadline is March 1st of every year.

*For more information, please visit the UAF Financial Aid Office.

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