Department of Alaska Native Studies & Rural Development

Fairbanks office:

3rd floor Brooks Building

PO Box 756500

Fairbanks, AK 99775


Phone: (907) 474-6528

Toll free: 1-888-574-6528

Fax: (907) 474-6325


Anchorage office:

2221 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Room 200

Anchorage, AK 99508


Phone: (907) 279-2700

Toll free: 1-800-770-9531

Fax: (907) 279-2716

Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM

Spring 2014 Legislative Seminar in Juneau


2014                             Juneau                              Legislative Seminar


2009/April                    Phoenix            Cultural Heritage Management

2009/February              Juneau              Understanding the Legislative Process


2008/October               Anchorage        Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium

2008/April                    Washington     

RD group in DC photo
U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski pictured with Faculty, Staff, Students, and Guests at RD seminar in Washington DC, April 2007, sponsored by the National Park Service (photo credit: Gordon Pullar)


2007/April                    Washington      Alaska Natives and Federal Relationships

2007/February              Washington      Understanding the Legislative Process


2006/October               Anchorage        Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium

2006/April                    Barrow              Traditional Knowledge, Environmental Change,

                                                           and Development in the Arctic


2005/October               Fairbanks          Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium

                                                           and Leadership Seminar

2005/April                    Tucson              Saving and Researching Museum Collections

2005/March                  Savoonga         Community to Community RD Exchange

                                   & Nome

2005/February              Juneau              Understanding the Legislative Process


2004/November           Anchorage        Rural Development Leadership Seminar

2004/October               Anchorage        Indigenous Leadership Symposium

2004/September           Washington      Travel Study-Indigenous Research Techniques in

                                   & New York    Museums and Archives

2004/April                    Washington      Congressional Workshop

2004/March                  Unalaska          Cultural Resource Management and

                                                           Economic Development


2003/November           Anchorage        Wellness and Healing

2003/October               Fairbanks          Indigenous Leadership Symposium

2003/August                Russia               Community Development in Chukotka

2003/April                    San Diego        The Role of Parks, Protected Areas and

                                                           Cultural Sites

2003/February              Juneau              Understanding the Legislative Process


2002/December            Anchorage        Rural Leadership and Personal Development

2002/November           Anchorage        Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium-II

2002/October               Bethel               Traditional Knowledge and Co-management of the

                                                           Natural Resources of the Kuskokwim Region

2002/September           Fairbanks          Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium-I

2002/July                      Switzerland      Summer Cultural Documentations: The Sami

                                                           Riddu Riddu Festival

2002/May                     New York        UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and

                                                           Circumpolar Culture & UN Working Group on

                                                           Indigenous Populations

2002/April                    Nome               Culture, Museum and Tourism Development

2002/February              Fairbanks          Development Issues in Chukotka


2001/December            Anchorage        Alaska Legislative Process Symposium

2001/December            Anchorage        Tools for Economic Development in Rural Alaska

2001/November           Anchorage        Indigenous Oral Traditions

2001/September           Dillingham       Issues of Coastal Communities:   Interdependence of

                                                           Bering Sea Coastal Communities with the

                                                           Marine Ecosystem

2001/September           Fairbanks          Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium

                                   & Dillingham

2001/April                    New Mexico    Cultural Resources

2001/February              Juneau              Understanding the Legislative Process


2000/September           Fairbanks          Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium

                                   & Galena          and Community Environmental Health:  

                                                           Collaborative Models

2000/April                    Kodiak                         Managing Cultural Resources in Rural AK

                                   & Old Harbor

2000/February              Anchorage        Tribal and Local Government Administration-

                                                           Rural Governance


1999/December            Anchorage        Community Economic Development and

                                                           Land and Resource Management

1999/October               Fairbanks          International Indigenous Rights and European

                                                           Study Travel Seminar Follow-up

1999/April                    Sitka                 Workshop on Resource Management in National

                                                           Parks and Cultural Tourism

1999/January                Juneau              Understanding the Legislative Process