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Dixie Masak Dayo, M.A.

faculty photo
photo credit Katrina Paul


M.A., 2003      Rural Development, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Thesis title: “Indigenized Self: A Healing Journey”

B.A., 1994       Rural Development, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Emphasis Area: Local Government Administration

2003 to present: Assistant Professor of Rural Development, Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development, University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

Courses taught: RD 465 Community Healing and Wellness

RD 400 Rural Development Internship

RD 325 Community Development Strategies

RD 492 Rural Development Leadership Seminar

RD 493 Seminar (co-taught)

RD 652 Indigenous Organization Management (co-taught)

RD 600 Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Seminar (co-taught)

ANS 310 The Alaska Native Lands Settlement (co-taught)

Guest speaker in several other classes on topics of healing and wellness, Alaska Native land claims, and other Native issues.

Professional duties: Student Advising: Responsible for advising both Rural Development BA and MA students. Current BA advising load is 20 students. Have had two BA advisees graduate and chaired two MA committees of graduating students as well as served on committees of three other MA graduates. Currently serve on committees of eight MA students including two as chair. Assist in arranging for internships for BA students.

Student Recruitment: Serve as lead student recruiter for the Rural Development Program. Duties include recruiting at statewide and regional events, contacting organizations with staff members who may be potential students, and following up on program inquiries. Develop program promotional materials for use in recruiting.

Program Development: Secured $20,000 in donations for the 13th Inuit Studies Conference, an international event hosted by the Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development. Serve as editor of Rural Development News, the department’s newsletter. Responsible for developing research grant proposals.

1996 to 2003: Project Assistant, Alaska Native Knowledge Network, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Professional Duties: Coordinate Alaska Native Science and Engineering Society summer science camps, recruit students, raise funds for travel scholarships, coordinate field trips, and recruit camp counselors and Alaska Native Elders. Editor of Sharing Our Pathways newsletter, compile and edit articles, newsletter and publications distribution, research traditional healing for ANKN website, research and present information about Alaska medicinal and edible plants. Guest speaker at several UAF classes and other events on healing, traditional plant use, and research.

1995/1996 summers:    Equipment Coordinator/Dispatcher, Department of Public Works, City of Fairbanks.

Professional Duties:       Timekeeper for 51 employees, maintain equipment and fuel logs, process purchase orders, serve as first line contact with public, maintain contact with field crews.

1995 to 1996:  Tribal Administrator, Manley Village Council. Manley Hot Springs.

Professional Duties: Responsible for day to day operations of the tribal office, scholarship management, library development, train and supervise General Assistance employees, represented the tribal council at regional meetings, budget development, grant writing.

1979 to present:

Part time: Special Assistant to the Board of Directors, Bean Ridge Corporation of Manley Hot Springs. Contract dba Dixie Dayo Consultant Service.

Professional Duties: Established policy for finance, shareholders, employees, board of directors. Developed action plans for business and land use. Negotiated original land settlement, 14(c) issues, developed and implemented Shareholder Land Lease Program. Organize board meetings, annual meetings, maintain shareholder records, coordinate annual audits, and all necessary activities of a small ANCSA village corporation.

1975 to 1995: Various contractors on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Maintain records for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in heavy equipment shops. Prepared timesheets, purchase orders, repair orders, and inventories. Over 10,000 hours as an Equipment Coordinator. First woman dispatched out of Operating Engineers, Fairbanks Local 302.

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2005    “Thesis or Project?” Rural Development Seminar. Fairbanks.

2003    “Benefits of the Rural Development – National Park Service Partnership.” San Diego.

2003    “Healthy Communities.” Rural Development Seminar. Nome.

2001    “How Do We Heal?” Arctic Clothing Conference, British Museum, London.

2001    “Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.” Rural Development Seminar. Fairbanks.

2000    “Personal Wellness Story.” Rural Development Graduate Seminar. Fairbanks.

Doyon, Limited, shareholder.

Bean Ridge Corporation, shareholder.

Manley Hot Springs Village. (Federally recognized tribe) Tribal Member.

Operating Engineers, Local 302. member.