N. Vakhtin


e-mail: nvakhtin@gmail.com

Personal Information

Date and place of birth: March 13, 1950, St . Petersburg, Russia

Home address: Russia 191194 St . Petersburg, Furstatskaya Street 40, # 15.

Education and Degrees

1992: St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Doc. Sci. Degree in Linguistics

1977: St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cand. Sci. Degree in Linguistics: Eskimo-Aleut

1972-1975: Postgraduate courses, Institute of Linguistics, Academy of Sciences , Petersburg

1972: Leningrad State University Diploma in Germanic philology; English language and literature; Translation

Academic positions, teaching, research and administrative work

1975-present: Researcher, Institute of Linguistic Research , Academy of Sciences , St. Petersburg (part­-time 1997–2009)

1975-1991: Lecturer, Hertzen State Pedagogical Institute: courses and seminars on the Asiatic Eskimo Grammar and Lexicon

1996-present: Professor, Department of Ethnology, European University at St. Petersburg

Sept 1989-Jan 1990: Visiting scholar, Institute of Eskimology , University of Copenhagen , research work on a joint US-­Danish-Russian project ("Comparative Eskimo Dictionary")

Nov 1993-Feb 1994: Fulbright Scholar, American Museum of Natural History , New York ; research on the history of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition

Nov 1994-Dec 1996: Associate Researcher, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University , UK

Sept-Dec 1999: Associate Researcher, Center for Linguistic Typology, Australian National University , Canberra

2001: Visiting Professor, Georgetown University, Washington D.C. : postgraduate course "Rapid Social Change in the Russian Arctic"

1995–2003: Vice Rector, European University at St. Petersburg

2003–2009: Rector, European University at St. Petersburg

2010: Visiting Fellow, New College, Oxford UK , for Hilary Term

Main research fields

Eskimo Syntax 1976-83 (two books published, 1987 and 1995);

Eskimo Language : A Handbook, 1979-81 (book published 1983, 2nd ed. 1990, co-authored with Menovschikov);

Eskimo Lexicon: A Handbook , 1985-86 (two books published 1988 (co-authored with Emelianova) and 2003);

Eskimo Morphology : 1985-1989 (book published 2007);

Aleut Syntax : 1986-1990 (book published 2009, co-authored with Golovko and Asinivsky);

Sirinek Eskimo Grammar and Lexicon : 1992-1998 (book published 2000);

Sociolinguistic research in the Far North, Languages of the Northern Minorities of Russia : 1984-1990 (series of publications + two books published: 2001 and 2004 (co-authored with Golovko));

History of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition : 1992-1994 (several articles published);

Environmental Change and Indigenous Knowledge in Siberia and Alaska : 1995 -1996 (several articles published);

Creole Communities in the Russian Far North : 1998-2000 (book published 2004, co-authored with Golovko)

Main research a. o. grants

1989-1990: Danish Research Council for Humanities: visiting scholar

1995-1996: British Council for the Social Science Research: research grant

1998: UNESCO Int'l Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies: publication grant

1998-2001: National Science Foundation , USA : joint project "Creole Communities of the Russian Far North"

1999: Australian National University , Center for Linguistic Typology. Four-month visiting scholarship

2001: American Council of Learned Societies: publication grant

2009: The Ford Foundation: travel grant

2009-2010: National Science Foundation, via UAF , USA : research grant, project "Yupik Eskimo Texts from 1940s"

2010: New College Oxford, grant to support Visiting Fellowship, Hilary Term 2010

Field work

1974, 1977, 1980, 1984, 1985, 1988, 1990, Chukotka Penn. , Eskimo language and linguistic situation, total 15 months

1982, 1985: Commander Islands , Aleut language and linguistic situation, total 4 months

1987: The Kolyma river region, Yukagir, Even, Yakut, and Chukchee linguistic situation, 2 months

1993: Transsibering-Longines Polar expedition ( Northern Yakutia , Magadan District, Chukotka), three months

1995, 1996: Chukotka, Environmental Change and Indigenous Knowledge, ten weeks

1998: Chukotka, Creole Communities in the Russian Far North, six weeks

Main Publications

Main Books (chronologically)

1.        Eskimosskiy yazyk. Posobie dla peduchilish (The Eskimo Language. A Pedagogical Handbook). Petersburg : "Prosvesheniya", 1983 (with G.A.Menovshchikov), 282 pp.

2.        Same , 2nd revised and enlarged edition. 1990. 303 pp.

3.        Praktikum po leksike eskimosskogo yazyka. Posobie dla peduchilish . (A Practical Course in Eskimo Lexicon. A Pedagogical Handbook) Petersburg : "Prosveshenie", 1988 (with N.M. Emelyanova). 237 pp.

4.        The Yukagir Language in Sociolinguistic Perspective . Published by: International Institute of Ethnolinguistic and Oriental Studies. Steszew , Poland . Monograph Series 2. 1991.

5.        Native Peoples of the Russian Far North . A Minority Rights Group Report. London , 1992 (Russian translation: Petersburg : Evropeiski Dom.1993)

6.        Sintaksis eskimosskogo yazyka [Eskimo Syntax].St. Peterburg: Evropeiski Dom. 1995

7.        Sirenik Eskimo Language: Data and Analysis . LINCOM-Europa: Muenchen, 2000. 600 pp.

8.        Yazyki narodov Severa v 20 veke: ocherki yazykovogo sdviga (Languages of the Peoples of the North in the 20th Century: Essays on Language Shift). St. Petersburg : Dmitri Bulanin. 2001. 338 pp.

9.        Sotsiolingvistika i sotsiologiya yazyka. Uchebnoe posobie (Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of Language. A Book for Students). St. Petersburg : Gumanitarnaya Akademia & European University at St. Petersburg . 2004. 335 pp. (with E. Golovko ).

10.    Russkie starozhiky Sibiri: sotsialnye i simvolicheskie aspekty samosoznaniya (Russian Old-Settlers of Siberia : Social and Symbolic Aspects of Identity). Moscow : Novoe izdatelstvo. 2004. 291 pp. (with E.Golovko and P. Schweitzer).

11.    Commander Island Aleut Language: The Bering Island Dialect . St. Petersburg : Nauka. 2009. 355 pp. (with E. Golovko and A. Asinovskii).

Main Articles in languages other than Russian, 2004 and later

1.         Who owns Siberian ethnography? A critical assessment of a re-internationalized field // Sibirica, vol. 3, No. 2. 2004. pp. 194–216 (with Peter Schweitzer, Patty Gray)

2.         The Russian Arctic between Missionaries and Soviets: The Return of Religion, Double Belief, or Double Identity? // Rebuilding Identities: Pathways to Reform in Post-Soviet Siberia. Ed. by Erich Kasten. Dieter Reimer Verlag: 2005. Pp. 27 – 38

3.         The Difficulty of Being Oneself: Identity Politics of "Old Settler" Communities in Northeastern Siberia // Rebuilding Identities: Pathways to Reform in Post-Soviet Siberia. Ed. by Erich Kasten. Dieter Reimer Verlag: 2005. Pp. 135 – 151 (with Evgenii Golovko, Peter Schweitzer)

4.         Two Approaches to Reversing Language Shift and the Soviet Publication Program for Indigenous Minorities // Inuit Studies, vol.29, 1-2. 2005. Pp. 131–147

5.         On certain peculiarities in the act of communication // Forum for Anthropology, No. 2, 2005. Pp. 201–224

6.         Transformations in Siberian Anthropology: An Insider's Perspective // World Anthropologies: Disciplinary Transformations within Systems of Power. Ed. by Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Arturo Escobar. Oxford & New-York: Berg. 2006. Pp. 49 – 68.

7.         The Language of Markovo Old Settlers: From a Communication System to a Demo Version // Marginal Linguistic Identities: Studies in Slavic Contact and Borderline Varieties / Ed. by Dieter Stern and Christian Voss. [Eurolinguistische Arbeiten. Herausgegeben von Uwe Hinrichs unter Mitarbeit von Uwe Buettner. Bd. 3] Harrassowitz Verlag: Wiesbaden . 2006. Pp. 135 – 147

8.         People and Ethnicity in Today's Siberia // Menschen und Etnizitaet im heutigen Siribien // Siberia and Russian America : Culture and Art from the 1700s: The Asch Collection. Ed. by Brigitta Hauser-Schaeublin, Gundolf Krueger. Prestel Verlag: Muenchen a.o. 2007. C . 38 – 59

9.         How Synchronic is Synchronic Analysis? Siberian Yupik Agglutinative Morphology and Language History // Variations on Polysynthesis: The Eskaleut languages. Ed. by Marc-Antoine Mahieu and Nicole Tersis. John Benjamins Publishing Company. Amsterdam/Philadelphia. 2009. (Typological Studiess in Language. Vol. 86). Pp. 65–79

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