J. Leer

Curriculum Vitae


  1. Professional preparation

Evergreen State College, Olympia , WA       Linguistics          B.A. 1976

University of Chicago                                   Linguistics          M.A. 1989

University of Chicago                                   Linguistics          Ph.D., 1991


  1. Appointments

University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo , Japan AY

2003-2004, Visiting scholar at the Research Institute for the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa

Joint appointment between University of Alaska Fairbanks and University of Alaska

  Southeast to teach Tlingit in Juneau , AY 2002-03.

University of Alaska Fairbanks :

      2000-present, Full Professor, Alaska Native Language Center (ANLC)

      1996-2000, Associate Professor, ANLC

      1991-1996, Assistant Professor, ANLC

      1987-1991, Instructor, ANLC

      1973-1974, 1976-1987, Linguist, ANLC

Sheldon Jackson College , Sitka , AK

      1975-1976, Linguist

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mount Edgecumbe High School , Sitka , AK

      1974-1975, Instructor

Alaska Methodist University

      1971-1973, Instructor


  1. Selected publications


  1. 5 most closely related to project


Kodiak Alutiiq Conversational Phrasebook with CD (2006), with April Laktonen


  Interior Tlingit Noun Dictionary (2001), with Doug Hitch and John Ritter.

( Whitehorse :   Yukon Native Language Center )

The Phonology of the Kenai Peninsula Dialect of Chugach Alutiiq (1994), in

      Languages of the North Pacific Rim, Hokkaido University Publications in

      Linguistics, Number 7, pp.45-148

Nanwalegmiut Paluwigmiut-llu Nupugnerit, Conversational Alutiiq Dictionary,

      Kenai Peninsula Alutiiq (1978), collected and organized and with an

      introduction by Jeff Leer (NBMDC and ANLC) (308 pp.)

Haida Dictionary (1977), with Erma Lawrence (ANLC) (464 pp.)




ii. 5 other significant publications


A Conversational Dictionary of Kodiak Alutiiq (1978) (ANLC) (119 pp.)

A Short Dictionary of Alaska Peninsula Sugcestun (1977) (ANLC) (31pp.)

English-Tlingit Dictionary: Nouns (1976), with Henry Davis, Vesta Dominicks,

      Richard Dauenhauer, Nora Dauenhauer, and others (Sheldon Jackson

      College) (117 pp.)

Tlingit Bilingual Teacher’s Handbook (1975) ( Sheldon Jackson College ) (43 pp.)

Sugcestun Unigkuat, Alutiiq texts from English Bay and Port Graham (1972),

      With Derenty Tabios and Seraphim Meganack (ANL CNER) (36 pp.)


  1. Synergistic activities


Fieldwork on the Alutiiq Dictionary Project in Chignik Lake with Doris Lind

(originally of Kanatak), July 30 to September 9, 2005.   (During this session about 9/10 of the Alutiiq Dictionary was field-checked.

Conductor of Alutiiq Dictionary Project Workshop on the Kenai Peninsula dialect in

      Nanwalek funded by Chugachmiut and the Nanwalek IRA, March 21 to April

      9, 2005.   (During this workshop about 2/3 of the Alutiiq Dictionary was field-


Co-Organizer with Tokusu Kurebito of the Athabascan mini-conference at ILCAA of

      TUFS, Tokyo , Japan :   The Role of Intercommunication in Athabascan

      Revitalization, February 16-18 2004.   Prepared in conjunction with the

      Companion exhibit, “The Athabascan Languages: Perspectives on a Native

      American Language Family,” ILCAA first floor, February 16 to March 19, 2004.

“Creating an Electronic Database and Dictionary of the Alutiiq Eskimo-English

Language,” funded by National Endowment of the Humanities, P.I. Giulia

Oliverio, 2002-present.

“Athabascan-Eyak-Tlingit Comparative Lexical Database,” Principal

      Investigator, two-year continuation grant submitted to the National Science

      Foundation, Division of Social Behavioral, and Economic Research, Subdivision

      Of Linguistics, awarded in 1998.


  1. Collaborators and Other Affiliations

(i)                   Collaborators

(ii)                 Graduate Advisors

(iii)                Thesis Advisees




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