E. Golovko

Evgeny Golovko, Fairbanks, Alaska July 2007


home:    Dobroliubova prospekt 19, apt. 21, St. Petersburg 197198, RUSSIA
phone: +7 (812)232-7739

office :   (1) St Petersburg Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Tuchkov per., 9, St Petersburg 199053, RUSSIA;

            phone: +7(812)3284611
            fax: +7(812)3284611
            e-mail: evggolovko@yandex.ru

(2) European University at St Petersburg, Gagarinskaya st. 3, St Petersburg 191187, RUSSIA

phone: +7(812)2755256
fax: +7(812)2755139

PERSONAL : Born 25th January, 1954. Place of birth: Russia. Citizenship: Russia.


·         St Petersburg Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences 1979-84. Degree: Candidate of Philology (Ph.D. equivalent) in linguistics (specialization: linguistics, languages of the U.S.S.R.: Aleut; Ph.D. topic “Morphology of Aleut verb”) 1985;

·         St Petersburg State University 1974-79 (linguistics, Germanic philology). Degree: University Diploma (M.A. equivalent) in Germanic philology 1979.


·         St Petersburg Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (full-time): 1979 to 1984 Ph.D. student; 1984 to 1989 Research Fellow; 1989 to 2001 Senior Research Fellow; 2001 to 2003 Leading Research Fellow at the Department of Paleosiberian and Samoedic Languages, 2003 to present Chair of the Department of Languages of Russia

·         European University at St Petersburg (part-time): Professor of the Department of Anthropology 1996 to present

·         Department of Anthropology, University of Alaska Fairbanks: September 2006 to May 2007 Visiting Faculty

·         Hertzen Pedagogical University St Petersburg, Department for Peoples of the North (part-time): 1980-81, 1983-86 Assistant Professor; 1986-1994, 2005 to present Professor of Linguistics (Eskimo and Aleut linguistics)

·         St Petersburg (Leningrad) State University (part-time):

1981-83 Assistant Professor (Department of English Philology); 1988 to 2006 Professor of the Department of General Linguistics

·         Institute for Foreign Languages St Petersburg (part-time): Lecturer 1994-1996


R   e    s e a r c h on linguistic anthropology and sociolinguistics (articles, conferences; a textbook on sociolinguistics, with Nikolai Vakhtin); language and ethnic contacts (a book on Russian Old-Settler identity, with Peter Schweitzer and Nikolai Vakhtin; articles, conferences); Circumpolar linguistics (articles, Aleut-Russian and Russian-Aleut Dictionary, a book on Aleut grammar, with Nikolai Vakhtin and Aleksandr Asinovskiy, Naukan Yupik Dictionary, with Elizaveta Dobrieva, Steven Jacobson, and Michael Krauss); language typology (articles, conferences).

F i e l d w o r k on Eskimo-Aleut linguistics and cultural anthropology of Siberia: thirteen fieldtrips to Native villages in Siberia (Chukotka, Kamchatka, Sakha-Yakitiya, Commander Islands) and Alaska (Seward Peninsula, Kodiak Island, Kenai Peninsula, Aleutian Islands), five of them funded by the Russian Academy of Sciences, four by U.S. National Park Service Alaska Region, four by the U.S. National Science Foundation, two by the St. Petersburg Polar Association in collaboration with the Siberian Research Center IMSECO-CNRS Paris.

T e a c h i n g at the Department of Anthropology, University of Alaska Fairbanks (Linguistics 101: Nature of Language; Anth/ANS 320: Language and Culture; Anth/Ling 493/693: Language Contact), European University at St Petersburg (graduate level – Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of Language; Linguistic Anthropology, Ethnography of Speaking; Language and Power; Language Contact; Anthropology of Ethnicity; Russian Arctic in the 20th Century); teaching of linguistic courses at St Petersburg State University (undergraduate level – Introduction to General Linguistics; graduate level – Language Contact; Language and Identity; Field Methods; Language Typology); Institute for Foreign Languages (undergraduate level – Introduction to General Linguistics; Introduction to Linguistic Typology); The Hertzen Pedagogical University St Petersburg (Aleut linguistics; Eskimo linguistics); teaching of English at St Petersburg (Leningrad) State University (1981-83).


·         2007-2009: grant on the Documentation of Endangered Languages of Alaska (Principal Investigator Dr. Krauss, Prof. Em., University of Alaska Fairbanks)

·         2008-2010: grant of the Russian Foundation for Humanities for work on ‘Rare and Unique phenomena in Endangered Languages of Russia’

·         2003: grant of the American Council of Learned Societies for work on Mednij Aleut

·         2001: grant of the NorFa organization (Council of Ministers of Nordic Countries) for the organizing of the International Conference on Field Methods in Anthropology and Sociolinguistics at the European University at St Petersburg

·         2000: ‘Open Society’ Institute (The Soros Foundation) grant for the organizing of Workshop on Field Methods at the European University at St Petersburg

·         1998-2000: U.S. National Science Foundation grant for the Project “Creole Communities in Northeastern Siberia: An Ethnographic Study of Ethnic Identity, Social Status, and Political Power” (Co-Principal Investigator with Nikolai Vakhtin, European University at St. Petersburg; Principal Investigator Dr. Peter Schweitzer, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

·         1993-1997: U.S. National Park Service and the University of Alaska Fairbanks grant for the Project Traveling Between Continents: Interethnic Contacts Across the Bering Strait (Principal Investigator Dr. Peter Schweitzer, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

·         1997-1998: Fulbright Foundation grant for the Project Naukan Yupik Dictionary (compiled in collaboration with Elizaveta Dobrieva, Michael Krauss, and Steven Jacobson, Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

·         1994: INTAS grant for work on the Mednij Aleut grammar

·         1993: ‘Open Society’ Institute (The Soros Foundation) support grant for Russian scientists and scholars

·         1991: C.N.R.S. (France) and Polar Association (St Petersburg) grant for a sociolinguistic survey of Native villages in Siberia (Chukotka, Kamchatka, and Commander Islands) during the International Expedition ‘Scientists of the World For the North’

·         1982, 1985, 1988: Russian Academy of Sciences grants for fieldwork on Commander Islands, Russia (study of the Aleut language)

·         1980, 1990: Russian Academy of Sciences grants for fieldwork in Chukotka (study of Siberian Yupik and Naukan Yupik languages)

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS (at different periods of time): St Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars, International Arctic Social Sciences Association, International Society for Study of the Indigenous Languages of Americas, Linguistic Society of America, Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, American Anthropological Association


·         The 5th Conference on Typology and Grammar for Young Scholars, St. Petersburg, February 2009 (lecturer)

·         The Round Table on Essential Topics in Russian Linguistics. Russian State Humanity University (RGGU). Moscow, April 2008

·         Conference for the Bi-Centennial of Lavrentiy Zagoskin, Russian Naval Officer, Traveler, Public Figure: ‘Zagoskin and the Investigation of Russian America’. Ryazan’, Russia. May 2008

·         Symposium on Language Contact: Belorussian Trasianka, Ukranian Surzhik, and the Russian Language. University of Oldenburg, Germany, June 2007

·         The Round Table on Endangered Languages. Institute of Ethnography, Moscow, February 2006.

·         The Ninth Conference of the Foundation for Endangered Languages. Stellenbosch, South Africa, 18-20 November, 2005 (publication)

·         The Conference on Intercultural Interaction across State Borders. Petrozavodsk, Karelia, October 2005

·         Conference on Language Change under the Condition of Language Shift. St Petersburg, September 30, 2005.

·         VI International Congress of Ethnographers and Anthropologists. St Petersburg, June 2005

·         Sociolinguistic Symposium. Tokyo, October 16, 2004

·         Workshop "Russia and Siberia – Rethinking an Ambivalent Relationship". Hamburg, October 8-10, 2004.

·         DoBeS Conference "A World of Many Voices: Interfaces in Language Documentation: Linguistics, Anthropology, Speech Communities, and Technology". Frankfurt, September 4-5, 2004.

·         Fifth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS V). May 20-23, 2004. Fairbanks, Alaska.

·         Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. November 20-24, 2002. New Orleans, Louisiana.

·         Fourth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS IV): “The Power of Tradition: Identities, Politics and Social Sciences”. May 16-20, 2001. Quebec City, Canada.

·         Workshop on Mixed Languages, University of Manchester, December 2000.

·         Groningen , Netherlands 1999: conference “Languages in Contact” (invited speaker)

·         New York City 1998: conference of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics in conjunction with the conference of the Linguistic Society of America

·         Fairbanks , U.S. 1998: conference “Father Ivan Veniaminov: The Enlightener of Alaska

·         New York City 1997: Jesup Expedition Centennial Conference

·         Anchorage , U.S.A. 1994: Bridges of Science: U.S.A. - Russia

·         Amsterdam , Netherlands 1993: Conference of Pidgin and Creole Society

·         Leiden , Netherlands 1993: Workshop on Mixed Languages

·         Paris , France 1993: Symposium on Siberia

·         Tromsoe , Norway 1992: Conference on Language Contact in the Arctic

·         Quebec 1992 & Fairbanks 1990 & Copenhagen, Denmark 1988: Inuit Studies Conferences

LECTURING (occasional lectures) at Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Osaka University 2004; Warsaw University (2003); University of California Berkeley 1998; University of Alaska Fairbanks 1998 (colloquium); Groningen University 1996; Leiden University 1993, 1996; Amsterdam University 1993; public lecture in 'Paradiso', Amsterdam 1996.

LANGUAGES.  Read and speak: Russian, English. Read: French, Swedish. Research: Aleut, Naukan Yupik, Siberian Yupik.

List of publications

Note : The majority of the publications are in Russian. Below, the Russian titles of the monographs and articles are translated into English and presented in square brackets [ ]. The Russian titles of the periodicals and the titles of the collections of works, in which the articles are published, are given in Russian, in the Latin transcription, without translation.


1. Russkie starozhily Sibiri: Sotsial'nie i simvolicheskie aspekty samosoznaniya [Russian Old-Settlers of Siberia: Social and Symbolic Aspects of Self-identification]. Moscow: Novoe izdatel'stvo, 2004. 292 p. (with P. Schweitzer and N. Vakhtin).


2. Sotsiolingvisitika i sotsiologiya yazyka [Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of Language]. St Petersburg: Gumanitarnaya akademiya i Evropeiskij universitet, 2004. 335 p. (with N. Vakhtin).


3. Yazyk komandorskikh aleutov: dialect o. Beringa [The Language of the Aleuts of the Commander Islands: the Dialect of Bering Island]. St. Petersburg: Nauka, 2009. 355 (with N. Vakhtin and A. Asinovskiy).


4. Yazyk komandorskix aleutov: Posobie dlia uchitelia [The Language of the Aleuts of Commander Islands (the Dialect of Bering Island): A Grammar Book for School.]. 80 p. Originally designed in 1982 (with N. Vakhtin and F. Asinovskiy), a revised edition to be published in 2009 by the Drofa Publishers, St Petersburg.


5. Aleutsko-risskiy i russko-aleutskiy slovar' [Aleut-Russian and Russian-Aleut Dictionary, with an essay on grammar and a list of suffixes]. St Petersburg: Prosveshchenie Publishers, 1994. 320 p.


6. Naukan Yupik Eskimo Dictionary. Compiled in co-authorship with E.A. Dobrieva, S.A. Jacobson and M.E. Krauss. Ed. by S.A. Jacobson. Ca. 6,000 entries, with lists of postbases and place names. Fairbanks: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Native Language Center, 2004. 421 p.

Parallel edition in Russian.


7. Prirodnie resursy Komandorskikh ostrovov v aleutskoy leksike [The Natural Resources of the Commander Islands as Seen through the Aleut Lexicon], ms. 50 p. (used in the Nikolskoe school for teaching Aleut).


8. Sistema vremen v aleutskom jazyke [Tense system in Aleut]. In: Lingvisticheskie issledovaniya 1982. Jazykoviye edinitsy v sinxronii i diaxronii. N.D.Andreev (ed.). Moscow: Institut jazykoznaniya, 1982: 32-41.


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10. Nekotoriye osobennosti morfologicheskoy struktury v aleutskom jazyke [Some peculiar  features of the morphological structure of the Aleut verb]. In: Lingvisticheskie issledovaniya 1983. Sintaksicheskiy analiz predlozheniya. N.D. Andreev (ed.). Moscow: Institut jazykoznaniya, 1983: 32-35.


11. Etnolingvisticheskoe opisanie komandorskix aleutov [An ethnolinguistic description of the Commander Islands Aleuts]. In: Voprosy jazykoznaniya, 1983, 6: 108-116 {with N.Vakhtin and A.Asinovskiy}.


12. Morfologiya glagola aleutskogo jazyka [Morphology of the Aleut verb]. Aftoreferat dissertatsii na soiskanie uchenoy stepeni kandidata filologicheskix nauk [A short summary of the Ph.D./kandidatskaya thesis]. Leningrad: Institut jazykoznaniya, 1985. 20 pp.


13. Morfologicheskiye sposoby vyrazheniya mnozhestvennosti deystviy v aleutskom jazyke [Morphological means of expressing plurality of actions in Aleut]. In: Tezisy konferentsii aspirantov i molodyx nauchnyx sotrudnikov. T.1. Ch.2. A. Aikhenvald et al. (eds.). Moscow: Institut vostokovedeniya Akademii nauk SSSR 1985: 175-176.


14. Ottorzhimaya/ neottorzhimaya prinadlezhnost' kak skrytaya kategoriya [Alienated/ non-alienated possession as a covert category]. In: Tezisy konferentsii "Funktsional'noe i tipologicheskoe napravleniya v grammatike i ix ispol'zovanie v prepodavanii teoreticheskix distsiplin v vuze. Ch. 2. A.V. Bondarko (ed.). Vologda, 1986: 35-36.


15. Poriadok sledovaniya morfem v maksimal'noy morfologicheskoy modeli aleutskogo finitnogo glagola [Morpheme ordering in maximal morphological model of the Aleut finite verb]. In: Paleoaziatskie jazyki. P.Ya.Skorik (ed.). Leningrad: Nauka, 1986: 174-179.


16. Sposoby vyrazheniya imperativnogo znacheniya (na materiale aleutskogo jazyka) [Means of expressing of the imperative meaning in Aleut]. In: Tezisy IV skoly molodyx vostokovedov. S.V. Volkov and V.I. Podlesskaya (eds.). Moscow: Institut vostokovedeniya Akademii nauk SSSR, 1986: 58-59.


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