Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies

With an Emphasis on Indigenous Knowledge Systems

The Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies with an emphasis on Indigenous Knowledge Systems is designed to provide graduate students from various fields of interest an opportunity to pursue in-depth study of the role and contributions of indigenous knowledge in the contemporary world. Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to work effectively with indigenous people in their studies through the courses they take, the research they conduct, and the projects they develop. An MA in Cross-Cultural Studies directly prepares students to work more effectively in range of professional contexts including-- education, health care, tribal and resource management.   

Admissions Requirements

  1. Applicants should have at least two years of experience related to the area of applied study.
  2. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in an approved area of study as determined by the faculty’s admissions committee. The committee may recommend provisional admittance subject to completion of specified requirements.
  3. Admission will be contingent upon:
    1. A minimum GPA of 3.00 in previous undergraduate work
      acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Examination general test (or permission of admissions committee).
    2. Submission of graduate application, transcripts of previous work, three letters of reference and three-page statement of intent.
    3. A satisfactory review conducted by admissions committee of the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies and Alaska Native Studies (may include a personal interview by the committee).


Schedule of CCS Course Offerings

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
CCS 604 CCS 602
CCS 608 CCS/ED 603
CCS/ED 610
(+ summer)
CCS 612
CCS/ED 611 CCS/ED 690
(+ summer)
CCS 698 CCS 698

Degree requirements

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete at least 6 credits in a field setting, including minimum of one week camp w/Elders.
  3. Complete at least 36 semester hours beyond the bachelor’s degree level. (Students may transfer a maximum of 9 hours from another university into their program.)
  4. Complete at least 30 of the 36 semester hours at the 600-level.
  5. Complete requirements of the M.A. degree within 7 years.
  6. Complete a satisfactory performance on a comprehensive examination.
  7. Complete the following core courses:

CCS 604 - Documenting Indig. Know. Systems: 3 cr
CCS 608 - Indigenous Knowledge Systems: 3 cr
CCS 612 - Traditional Ecological Knowledge: 3 cr
CCS/ED 690 - Seminar in Cross-Cult. Studies: 3 cr

  1. Complete at least one of the following cross-cultural studies specialization courses:

ANS/ED 461 - Native Ways of Knowing: 3 cr
CCS/ED 610 — Education & Cult. Processes: 3 cr
RD 425 - Cultural Impact Analysis: 3 cr

  1. Complete approved 600-level electives.
  2. Additional approved electives to provide specialization depth:

    CCS 602 - Cultural & Intellect. Prop. Rights: 3 cr
    CCS/ED 603 - Field Study Research Methods: 3 cr
    CCS/ED 613 - Ak. Std. for Cult. Resp. Sch: 3 cr
    ANS 475 - Alaska Native Social Change: 3 cr
  3. CCS 698 - Field Study/Elder Apprenticeship: 6 cr
  4. Minimum credits required: 36
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