Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Studies

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Faculty and Staff

The following faculty represent the academic departments most directly associated with each of the thematic areas in the Ph.D. in Indigenous Studies. They (or their successors) will serve collectively as a Steering Committee for the program as well as the Admissions Review Panel to recommend applicants for admission to the Dean of the Graduate School. They will also help identify affiliate faculty with appropriate expertise to serve on student graduate committees, drawing upon but not limited to the faculty members in the sponsoring departments.

Center for Cross-Cultural Studies Faculty
Larry Kaplan, Professor of Linguistics, Interim Chair for the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies
Ray Barnhardt
, Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies, Emeritus
Beth Leonard, Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies
Theresa John, Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies
Mike Koskey, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies (starting Fall 2014)
Nichlas Emmons, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies (starting Fall 2014)

Center for Cross-Cultural Studies Staff
Sandra Soren, Administrative Coordinator
Sean Topkok, Information/Media/Technology/Distance Education Specialist, Adjunct Faculty

Indigenous Studies Faculty Expertise
Indigenous Knowledge Systems: All faculty (including Sean)
Indigenous Education:
 Theresa John, Beth Leonard, Ray Barnhardt, Sean Topkok, SOE faculty
Indigenous Leadership: RD faculty
Indigenous Research: All faculty
Indigenous Languages: Larry Kaplan, Patrick Marlow, ANLC faculty
Indigenous Sustainability: Mike Koskey, Nichlas Emmons

For further information about the PhD in Indigenous Studies, please contact any of the following:

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