Welcome to the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies!

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The Center for Cross-Cultural Studies (CXCS) addresses research, development and instructional issues associated with educational policies, programs and practices in culturally diverse contexts, with an emphasis on Alaska Native, rural and distance education.

CXCS was originally established in 1971 as the Center for Northern Educational Research (CNER) by action of the UA Board of Regents and with initial funding from the Ford Foundation. By 1977 the University had assumed full funding and CNER was merged with the Cross-Cultural Education Development Program to form the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies. CXCS is currently housed in the UAF College of Liberal Arts.

The research agenda for the center is established in cooperation with Native organizations, school districts and state/federal agencies, with a focus on applied research that will benefit the people of Alaska. CXCS is structured to provide technical support and information to school districts, social service agencies, Native corporations, tribal governments, community colleges and state and federal agencies in rural Alaska. This provides direction for the improvement of educational and professional development opportunities for rural Alaskans and a forum for the examination of cross-cultural and Indigenous education and community development issues.

The center also sponsors various state, national and international seminars, conferences and exchanges to bring people together around issues of concern to Alaska, the circumpolar North, and Indigenous people throughout the world. The Center houses the Alaska Native Knowledge Network (ANKN) and offers an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies with an emphasis on Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing. All faculty and students interested in issues associated with Indigenous knowledge systems, cultural diversity and education are encouraged to participate in and contribute to the efforts of the center.

Cultural and curriculum resources utilizing Indigenous knowledge and Native ways of knowing are made available through ANKN at http://ankn.uaf.edu.

CXCS is located at 201 Eielson Building on the Main UAF Campus.

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