Center for the Study of Security, Hazards, Response, and Preparedness


The Center for the Study of Security, Hazards, Response and Preparedness (C-SSHRP) sits within the School of Management (Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program) and in partnership with College of Natural Science and Mathematics (CNSM), Geophysical Institute (GI) and the International Arctic Research Center (IARC). 

C-SSHRP aims to: 

  • Create new knowledge that reduces uncertainty in decision making
  • Provide world leading education and research opportunities
  • Train the next generation of emergency managers, responders and policy makers
  • Improve resilience should a disaster occur

Focus areas of expertise are :


  • Build on established programs & classes in emergency management and homeland security in SOM
  • Development and delivery of cross college/school classes is built upon interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Use strong and growing Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities program
  • Engage many students in security, emergency management and hazard-related research


  • UAF has world leading expertise across its Institutes, Colleges and Schools
  • The research enterprise attracts $150M - $170M a year in external funding.
  • UAF is the Land, Sea and Space Grant university in state of Alaska and one of very few in US
  • Build Research and outreach to meet State needs are at the core of its mission


  • Build upon established outreach programs serving local communities
  • Make use of High-school Summer Research Academy
  • DHS and FEMA education and professional development programs
  • Link to Fairbanks-based state/federal agencies, such as
  • Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Alaska Fire Service
  • National Weather Service WFO Fairbanks (one of three in state)

Attract Alaska Scholars, and those from outside who are interested in a unique, interdisciplinary program. Foster integrated programs well-poised to spearhead innovative partnerships with private and public enterprise – all of whom can benefit economically and socially by becoming more disaster resilient. 

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