Summer sessions intensive May/June 2011

Both of these classes were offered over a 9 day intensive format. 

ECE 350:  Play: Foundation for Development.

Course Description: Concepts, theories, and empirical research on the role of the play in the total development of children. Utilizing three major ideas– the effective quality of play in early childhood development, as a means to self-expression, and as a channel of communication. Examines the effects culture, media, and technology have on play. Includes roles of early care-giving staff, teachers, and parents in supporting appropriate play experiences  

ECE 360: Assessment in Early Childhood.
Examination of policies and practices related to evaluation and assessment of young children’s progress. Includes legal, ethical and professional responsibilities in assessment. Exploration of “what, when, where, why, and how” to assess young children. Includes practice and analysis of various assessment styles and tools as well as how to use the information gained through assessment.

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