Liberal Arts and Science - LAS

LAS F410 W,O/2 Scientific Research

3 Credits
Offered As Demand Warrants

Formulation and testing of hypotheses using field observation and experimentation. Includes collection of data, analysis using spreadsheets and statistical software, and oral/written presentation. Focus on individual and group participation in ongoing field or laboratory projects in the natural sciences. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X; junior or senior standing as a major in the B.A.S. degree program. (2+3)

LAS F601 Responsible Conduct of Research

2 Credits

Maintaining the public trust and respect of fellow scientists requires a clear understanding of the basic principles under which research is conducted and reported. Introduces students to the basic principles and expectations that form the foundation of research integrity. Students will learn to recognize and address ethical dilemmas in research scenarios, thus preparing them for situations that will invariably arise during their career. This course fulfills National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health requirements. Prerequisites: Senior undergraduate or graduate student standing. Interested post-doctoral fellows and other with terminal degrees are also invited to enroll with permission of instructor. (2+0)