Foreign Languages - FL

FL F200X World Literature (h)

3 Credits

Introduction to critical reading and appreciation of a wide variety of literary texts from different cultures. Includes exposure to a variety of approaches to myth, poetry, story telling and drama. Students will gain an understanding of cultural differences and universals in texts from American, American minority, Western European and non-Western sources. Specific content to be announced at time of registration. Course may be repeated for credit when content varies. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X or placement in ENGL F211X/ENGL F213X; sophomore standing; or permission of instructor. Cross-listed with ENGL F200X. (3+0)

FL F451 Foreign Language Teaching Practicum

3 Credits
Offered Fall

Methodology workshop for the advanced second language student. Includes language acquisition and pedagogy and employment of these techniques in a lower level language classroom under the supervision of a classroom teacher. Enrollment subject to available classroom placement. Prerequisites: Completion of FREN F302 or SPAN F302 or RUSS F302 language course or permission of instructor. (2+0+3-5)