UPDATE on the Anchorage and Sitka office closures: Extension now has a clearer picture of the impact on our budget by the reduction in state appropriations to the university. It is clear that Extension cannot continue business as usual. However, there have been developments that might enable Extension to open smaller, more focused offices in Anchorage and Sitka. These offices would not have specific faculty assigned to them but would build on Extension's statewide mission using distance delivery of programs and hands-on programs with agents and local experts.
Alaska's Sustainable Gardening Handbook Cover

>Alaska’s Sustainable Gardening Handbook” has been updated. This publication was first produced in 2010 as an adaptation of “Sustainable Gardening: The Oregon-Washington Master Gardener Handbook” and this is the first revision. It is used as one component in Master Gardener training programs for Extension volunteers in Alaska but is also a must-have for all Alaska gardeners. UAF Extension agriculture and horticulture agents have contributed their expertise to provide information on topics such as basic botany, lawns, vegetable gardening, orchards, entomology, pest management and more. Call 877-520-5211 to order the handbook.

>The 2016 Invasive Species Workshop will be held in Fairbanks Oct. 25-27. The annual workshop convenes land managers, scientists, nongovernmental organizations and agricultural producers to share the latest information on invasive species detection, management and science. Registration is available online and more information can be found on the workshop website.

>As fall approaches, it is time to start thinking about harvesting your garden. Whether you want to preserve your harvest by freezing or canning, we can help. We also have a publication with a fall/winter checklist for gardeners so you can be ready for the next spring. If you have other questions, take a look at our complete publication catalog or give us a call at 877-520-5211.

> For past announcements please visit our home page news archive.

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